Meaningful Monday: Awaken your brain

I had big plans last week, in terms of this blog.

And, then….they just didn’t happen.

Instead, this happened…



(that’s a picture of nothing happening, btw- total relaxation)

I apologize for only squeezing out one post last week, even though I was on vacation and had PLENTY of time to write some really good ones.

I will attempt to get back on a normal schedule this week.

But, as I sat and thought about why I didn’t write last week, I thought of this blog’s title and contents……

the importance of a ‘real’ vacation

I say ‘real’ because I mean having no worries; no schedules; no deadlines; and no routines. A total ‘turning off’ of the social world (even though I did catch up on my daily FB feeds); getting far away, even if it’s in a remote area; and turning off the noise around you, to hear the waterfall or the birds or the ‘nothing’.

I admit, that this is kind of hard for us ‘type A’ personalities to do…not have a schedule, even on vacation.

But, when we do it, we do it 100% and come back feeling relaxed, refreshed, and re-energized!

Why vacate:
This most recent post article stated that 40% of Americans don’t use all of their allocated vacation days.


I cannot imagine this as I use all of mine. In fact, I already have mine planned for next year (sort of).

I have listed some highlights from the article on why you should take those vacation days allocated to you, to which I’ve added some insight:

1-Your body needs a break, as restoration is importantI believe not only is it important to vacate work, but it’s also important to vacate your exercise program, sometimes called rest days-Now, I would never condone lying on the couch,  not moving for 7 days. But, taking a break from running, the gym, etc…can do your body good-I managed to squeeze in 3 good and strenuous mountain hikes while we were gone-they were thought of hikes or pleasure walks or getting some fresh air rather than exercise and that made them extra special

2-Letting your brain ‘day dream’ allows you to better solve problems and be more creative-I agree with the article in that I’m always on task oriented mode, from work projects, to volunteer projects to my workout routine to planning out meals for eating healthy-the downtime I had on vacation, where I didn’t work or plan, just played, will surely allow me to be more creative and insightful going into this next week

3-The more (shorter) vacations you take, the merrier you will beI 100% believe in this-This is why I often use my vacation days for long weekends, especially around holidays-  these ‘mini vacations’ allow me to unwind and recharge in a ‘mini’ kind of way – as the article says, ‘spread out the happiness’!




One other article had these ideas to offer;

1-Taking a vacation will help you live 20% longer-Yes! Anything to live longer, correct?

2-Women who take 2 or more vacations per year are less likely to be depressed, tired, or unhappy with their marriage-I  believe that alone time with your spouse, even if you have kids and can only get away for an evening or night, is necessary to revive a marriage, to let all the worries of normal life go, and to just relax and rekindle why you 2 got together in the first place

3-You get to be a kid again, in that you don’t have a schedule or routine –I have honestly never looked at it like this but I suppose it’s 100% accurate-this is why we thoroughly enjoyed our hikes and our time playing in the snow this past week…we were able to let all of it go and just be a kid!


With that said, you still have time to take those vacations and be a kid..don’t let your company keep the time you’ve earned!

If you work for a company that gives you vacation time, they give it to you for a reason…so you can be the best employee and come back feeling refreshed and alive!

Did you take a vacation this year? Where did you go?

If not, why? (You know you don’t really have to go anywhere…’staycations’ are the thing now!)


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