Wildcard Wednesday: Get your gobble on


So, tomorrow is the big Turkey Day!

Did you know that

  • 46 million turkeys are consumed each year on Thanksgiving
  • turkey consumption has increased 110% in the USA since 1970 (104% in the world)
  • the turkey industry alone employs 20,000 people in the USA
  • in 1970, 50% of all turkeys consumed during the year were on Thanksgiving Day-now, just 29% is consumed on Thanksgiving meaning that more Turkey is consumed all year long

Wow! That’s a lot of turkey talk!
Without going all PETA on you, I will say just think about that…one single day…46 million. That’s a lot of birds to raise, kill, and eat on one single day.

In the past, the main bird has gotten a bad rap health wise. However, clarification needs to be made or understood……………………….


As you may have guess, it’s actually all the other sugar-laden, 5 cheese, bread topped sides you consume that are bad for you (and that add to that turkey coma)!

Here are some turkey tips: (source)

The pros

  • Turkey is a rich source of protein.
  • Skinless turkey is low in fat. White meat is lower in kilojoules and has less fat than the dark meat. A typical turkey consists of 70 per cent white meat and 30 per cent dark meat.
  • Turkey meat is a source of iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus.
  • It is also a source of vitamin B6 and niacin, which are both essential for the body’s energy production.
  • Regular turkey consumption can help lower cholesterol levels. The meat is low-GI and can help keep insulin levels stable.
  • Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which produces serotonin and plays an important role in strengthening the immune system.
  • It is also a source of selenium, which is essential for thyroid hormone metabolism. It also boosts immunity and acts as an antioxidant.

The cons

  • Turkey can be high in sodium.
  • Some meat, particularly prepackaged slices, can be processed and contain other substances.
  • Turkey skin is high in fat.
  • Research suggests large amounts of tryptophan can make you sleepy.


So, besides my most recent tips for battling post Turkey coma that I posted this week on my facebook page (seen herebe sure and like my page!), I offer this solution to ensuring that you have a balanced meal on turkey day that will leave you feeling satisfied and full…….

Offer to bring a side to the gathering

Revolutionary, I know, and quite possibly it’s not an option to bring a side.

But, if you do, why not make it a nice, healthy side that offers the same great tasting punch as those 5 cheese maccaroni’s that Aunt “what’s her name?” brings…..

Here are some of my favorite, tried and tested, sides that I promise will make your family & friends say “this is healthy?” Say whatttttt??????

Parmesan Lemon Zucchini - Damn Delicious

Parmesan Lemon zucchini

Seriously…this zuchinni is so great and easy to make…prep the zuke slices ahead of time…then saute up! I ensure you they will be all gone!


Boil, smash, season, bake. These are the BEST potatoes ever. From the Pioneer Woman.

crash hot potatoes

These are fantastic (a repeat in our household),  especially piping hot out of the oven. Boil them up (even in the micro if you are short on time or energy), smash them, drizzle with oil and spices, and then pop them in the oven 15 mins before T-day time! They will be devoured. I promise! (btw-potatoes aren’t bad for you either 🙂 )


Creamy+Parmesan-Garlic+Quinoa+is+an+easy+side+dish+that's+packed+with+protein+and+family-pleasing+flavors.+@Iowa Girl Eats+|+iowagirleats.com


Surprise everyone at the gathering by bringing quinoa! I bet you there’s one person that is curious about quinoa’s taste (and added complete source of protein healthiness). Shock them with this delicious parmesan garlic quinoa that goes from pot to table in 20 minutes! Yummo!

Thanksgiving- Caramel Apple Dip And Apples

Is this not the cutest thing ever?
Surely, if they don’t think it’s cute they will love the apples and caramel? Who doesn’t love caramel apples for T-Day and fall?!?!?!?

Have a great holiday all!

Watch your portions, enjoy some protein, and most of give thanks to the many wonderful loving people around you sharing the day with you.
Because, without friends and family, what do you have?


As always, the opinions of the recipes above are all my own-all references have been linked-I was not compensated to promote any of these recipes or products-I simply have tried the recipes and love them, along with turkey-gobble, gobble!