Meaningful Monday: Reflecting

Hi all!
I hope everyone had a nice, pleasant, and low stress Christmas.
It’s the end of the year…again…how does this happen and so quick?!?!?
I swear it gets faster and faster every year.
While I’m still in planning mode for 2015, I thought I would take a look back at 2014, or reflect as seen in pictures.

The second day of January started pretty good as we brought these two cuties home.

They made themselves at home pretty quickly.

We took some puppy training classes, some of us learned….some of us didn’t.

Relaxed in the mountains in the spring

Did a little chillaxing in the hammock.

Maybe grabbed a nap, or two

Celebrated a very special 1 year!

Did a little more snuggling in the bed

Went to an awesome concert

Went back to the mountains for Thanksgiving and played in some really cold stuff

And finished the year with a fabulous Christmas!
Wow! What a year!
From the pictures, it seems like a lot of relaxing.
Here’s to hoping for much of the same in 2015!!!