Serve up some cuteness Christmas morning

Have you given any thought to what you may cook on Christmas morning for breakfast?
Tradition for us is to have a mid morning breakfast/ brunch and then do an early Christmas dinner, likely some soup.
Our big dinner is Christmas Eve and on this year’s menu is roasted chicken; carrots and quinoa; sweet potato stackers; green beans; bread; and petite cheesecakes for dessert.
The plan is to keep everything healthy and good…right down to the skinny cheesecakes. We shall see….

But, all bets are off for brunch!

So, if you are in search of a recipe for Christmas morning, I have some ideas (some new, some tried and true):

Christmas Morning Breakfast Idea: Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree- cute idea #christmas  #holiday #holidayfood

How cute is this Cinnamon roll Christmas tree? You wouldn’t even have to go to the extra work of making homemade cinnamon rolls (although your family and friends would lovvvveee you for it). You could go the can cinnamon roll route, to save time (and heartache).

1st Annual North Pole Breakfast! Can't wait to do this the morning we ride the North Pole Flyer :)))

Again, is this not adorable and would your kids not think you are the best?

Possible breakfast tradition for Christmas morning? Could serve with hot cocoa or coffee.

I DO NOT condone powdered sugar doughnuts…EVER…but this was too cute to pass up!
I guess for one day out of the year…we can let the sugar and processed contents of this ‘snack’ slide! (Remember: It’s not breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…you are setting yourself up for sugar overload all day)

Christmas Coffee Cocktail | Perfect for Christmas morning or after a holiday meal

For the adults on Christmas morning, I present to you this delectable concoction, two of my loves: Coffee and amaretto liqueur! (I’m pinning this now! Yum!)

Last but definitely not least….

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

This is one of my favorites!
I’m not even kidding!!!!
Put everything in the crock pot the night before….let it cook and fill the house with delightful smells all night…and eat the next morning!
It’s a Christmas miracle!!!!!!
I promise…you won’t be disappointed. Divine!

Hope you find these helpful…share with me now……

What are your Christmas traditions?

Be sure to post your yummies to my Facebook page. I would love to see your traditions!


Wildcard Wednesday: Decking the halls

Well, I finally got it done!

On Friday evening, we made the long trek (1.7 miles) to the Christmas tree lot to purchase our tree for the year.

I had already decided I wanted to do a much smaller tree this year (think table top). Smaller trees require less lights, less ornaments, and less aggravation.

It took all of 5 minutes to pick out our tree (hey, we had pizza to pick up) and we headed home. It turned out to be a little bigger than table top, but still smaller than years past (I remember we use to have a 9′ tree-who the heck decorated that???? those were the young days).

We got the tree in the house…and…there it stood until Saturday evening…when I finally got motivated to get the lights on it and get it decorated. (honestly, I wanted it done before the weekend was over and refused to let it occupy all of my Sunday time-great attitude, right? Just keeping it real folks!)

I’m still trying to figure out why I’m not completely and totally in the Christmas spirit this year. I can’t come up with any real answers. Up until this week, the weather played a huge role, as it was a nice, balmy 75+ degrees for a straight week. That’s not necessarily Christmas weather. But then it cooled off and has been nothing shy of perfect this week. Cool enough for scarves, hot drinks, fires, boots, and sweaters…but not frigid.

I’ve heard several people this week make comments about how they, too, aren’t in the spirit as much this year.

I don’t know. Maybe things have just been too busy lately….

Anyway…so, here’s my Christmas 2014 home tour, along with some inspiration and cuteness.



I absolutely adore my little pillow cover from This was a Facebook find and I could not be more excited! Plus, it was only $20. Win win!!! (Psst-be sure to check out her home page-her Christmas decorations are simply beautiful!)
I’ve come to realize in the last year that I have a pillow fetish, meaning that I have wayyyyy too many pillows. I think I like pillows because they can change a room’s mood and tone instantly and you can change them out with the seasons.
So, anytime I find (or make) a favorite pillow cover, I’m sold! Bonus!


My dear made it to my mantle this year. Thanks Target!
Oh…and the 2 cute sweater stockings for the little ones….Lucy and Desi.
(Note: we had to move the stockings the other morning to turn on the fireplace and I put the stockings under the tree-I came back from the kitchen and Lucy was chewing on her ‘L’ and Desi had already chewed off one of the balls on the stocking-nice! Geez!)


My tree…and one cute doggie, looking all serious.
You can’t tell from these horrible iPhone pictures but that’s kind of a squatty tree…in a silver pail (or bucket)…with a gigantic star!!!!
Apparently, putting your tree in a pail, barrel, or box this year is all the trend.
living christmas treeThis is actually the picture on a blog where I got my inspiration from,
When I saw her cute, little squatty tree (her words, not mine) in that pail, I had to do it!Heck, I even got my man on board. He thought it was a great idea (likely to hold beer later)!
Anyway, I love her blog. She’s so real and honest about her experiences as a mom and a wife. Plus, she’s got great fashion style and she’s cute! Jump on over and read a couple of her posts. I promise you will be hooked!

Of course I couldn’t give you a Christmas post without showing you some of my Christmas pups!


IMG_2460.JPGLet’s hope they are this calm on Saturday when they get their pictures made with Santa!

That’s it…have a great evening!

Weekly ‘wine down’: Cookies and spice and all things nice!

That was a quick week!
I must say I’m glad as it didn’t start off very well (a short burst of a nasty stomach virus) and then allergy problems to finish off the week.

So, let’s ‘wine down’ and highlight some of the blog world/ pinterest world/ internet world favorites of the week.

To make:

How cute is this wreath for fall? And it looks so easy!
I think last week I might have hinted at a different wreath DIY project.
That didn’t happen (along with a lot of other things last weekend).
But, I got to thinking and measuring and the apple wreath won’t fit on my front door.
Ever since my wonderful handy-man husband installed a glass front door, I have a problem hanging wreaths on the door. Basically, I can’t. They won’t fit between the glass door and wood door.
So, I need something slim.
This looks like it may work and I saw some wheat at the grocery store the other day.

Fall Wheat Sheave Wreath


To wear:

I love pinning fashion pictures, especially for fall. I mostly use them for inspiration, and work it into something I already have in my closet.
The pictures and fashion bloggers just make me not have to think as much, and I like that!

30 Stylish Fall Outfits For Work To Steal | Styleoholic


To plan:

I cannot believe it’s 3 months until yet another Christmas!
I think this year I will just leave my tree decorated with a sheet over it.
That’s festive, right?
Last year my mom and I made homemade Bailey’s Irish Creme for some special friends for Christmas, all the while indulging in a little bit myself.
I really enjoyed making the drink and putting it in cute little festive mason jars, while listening to some great Christmas tunes (Michael Buble)!
I’ve got some ideas for this year but they require a little planning and ‘make ahead.’
This site has some great ideas!

12 Holiday gifts that arent cookies from 100 Days of Real Food

To bake:

The likelihood of me making these this weekend is 99%, probably to enjoy with my wine tomorrow evening while I ‘wine down’!
I’ve been craving a homemade cookie…a new recipe… but haven’t came across a recipe that I felt like I must try.
I picked up all the ingredients at the grocery the other evening (not the GF flour-intend on using a mix of whole wheat and AP flour instead) and intend on filling the house with spice goodness smells (with the windows open because it is suppose to be true FALL weather here this weekend-yes!)

Soft Batch Apple Cider Gingersnap Cookies are soft, chewy and apple-cider spiked! #glutenfree |


To inspire:

I pre-ordered this cookbook on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and I received it in the mail this week!
Don’t you just love getting gifts in the mail, especially those you kind of forgot about? 🙂
I absolutely love this food blogger’s website, full of easy, healthy and low calorie, full of flavor, creative and beautiful recipes.
I’ve made many and enjoyed all!
So, to find that she has a cookbook…well, I had to have it! Plus, free shipping with Amazon Prime!
I also want Ina Garten’s new cookbook, but it’s not out yet.
I may save that one for Santa (not likely).
Check out the Skinnytaste website and recipe listings.
They are tasty and very easy!

150 Recipes that are Light on Calories, Big on Flavor! Pre-order yours today on Amazon, Target, B&N or wherever books are sold.

To decorate:

Actually, I already bought some of these cute little velvet pumpkins and did a little fall decorating (that’s all I did last weekend-lots of couch time)!
I looked to purchase a few of these cuties last year (at TJ Maxx, of course-I mean, where else would I shop?) but only found 1.
So, when I saw 3-4 other styles/ sizes/ colors there a couple of weeks ago, I snatched them up!
They actually sell these on Etsy (which I totally love and support), if you can’t find at TJ or aren’t a Maxxinista (to which I’m not sure we can still be friends! :).

Love these!I make fabric pumpkins every year- I love them so much I even teach my art students! Can't wait to make these!

That’s all I got!
Enjoy your nice, cool fall weekend!

the quintessential autumn drink. Though I am pretty sure this is exactly what Smirnoff had in mind when they created caramel vodka. 1 part Smirnoff caramel vodka, 2 parts Simply Apple Juice. #Totalwine

(doesn’t this look divine?!?!? No recipe-just add caramel flavored vodka and Simply Apple juice-who knew they make caramel flavored vodka!!!!)