What do you mean there’s no coffee?!?!?!?!?

So I didn’t exactly get a ‘meaningful Monday’ post up yesterday. Oops!
Honestly, I was too busy working on my juice experiment and thinking about all the delicious chicken, egg, and veggie dishes I plan on having come Saturday.
Jk….sort of.
So, myself and 2 other victims ( I mean followers) are doing a 5 day juice reset, or detox if you will.


Basically, you drink 4 juices per day ( 2 in the form of juices that you throw in the blender to make a hearty smoothie) and you can have an avocado, banana, decaf teas ( preferably peppermint), and a raw vegan bar if you need it.
I’ve consumed each, on every day. 🙂
I’m sure you are thinking that this sounds like too little amount of food for nourishment but honestly I haven’t been as hungry as I thought I would be.
We know that veggies and fruits, in its purest form, are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.
Sure, I may not be getting as much protein as I would with eggs or chicken but I won’t go ‘protein deficient’ in just 5 days!
I can tell you this much. When its time for a juice, it’s time for a juice for blood sugar maintenance. My grogginess tells me so!
Here’s what I can’t have: sugars and caffeine.
Yea…. Caffeine.


This may have been my face on Monday morning…or Tuesday.
No sugars or caffeine has definitely been the hardest part of this experiment.
Finally, at the end of day 2, I have shaken the withdrawal headache, for either sugars or caffeine or both, and finally feel good (which could be from the 1/2 cup of unsweetened black tea I had around 3 pm today-I needed it, BAD!).
In fact, I felt good enough to go to the gym and exercise tonight.
Anyway, why am I doing this , you ask?
Not to lose weight but to (1) gain control of my sugar and caffeine habit and (2) because I love a good challenge!.

Habits can be broken
Mine is not a pretty habit.
Coffee in the morning, tea at lunch, iced coffee in the afternoon, and sweets ( several pieces of candy) in the afternoon.
This has been my world for the last couple of months. Plus too much bread, Halloween candy (darn candy corn), and birthday cake (delicious but I felt like I shouldn’t waste not ONE.SINGLE.PIECE), all of which are loaded with sugars!
Sure…my coffee has 1 teaspoon of sugar; my tea is half unsweetened and half sweet; and my iced coffee, which I make, has 1 teaspoon of sugar.
This has been my justification…..but all that adds up!!!
I’ve been trying really hard to eat right and healthy and exercise 5x/ week and have made significant progress.
But if I continue to eat sugars like I’ve been doing, then my efforts will go unnoticed, by me. The work will not be effective if I don’t have my eating on target.

Challenge or change is good
So, I’ve put myself up to this challenge.
I’m resetting my body.
I’ve done a reset before, with fruit and veggie smoothies, but only for 3 days. So I know what goes along with this….the withdrawal headaches, dreams of great foods, etc…

So far I’ve realized just how much cooking and eating healthy foods plays a role in my life and, honestly, how much I miss cooking.
I enjoy trying new recipes. It’s what I do when I come home from the gym in the evenings.
A juice doesn’t take that long to make….then what? Nothing is on tv. Heck, I may as well go to bed.

The future of juicing for me
With that said,I won’t be going to an all juice diet after this 5 day challenge.
I enjoy cooking and eating real food with substance and texture and I enjoy experimenting with healthy recipes.
But I would like to get into a routine of having one juice per day, likely in the morning, and having only 1/2 cup of coffee per day.
No tea. No extra coffee in the afternoon and to limit my sugars to 1 or 2 weekend splurges.
That should be a challenge in itself.

So, tell me, would you ever participate in a juice of this nature? For 3 days or 5?

What kind of challenges do you like or would you like to see here?


Stay tuned for another follow up on Thursday (or Friday)!

Juice on people!

10 Easy Juicing Recipes for Beginners. #juicing #prolificliving @Prolific Living


Btw-If yuu are just getting started on juicing, or want to, this is a great, basic juice to start with-it’s super sweet and tasty! Just a hint of the ginger takes the juice up a notch. Trust me…I promise.


Disclaimer: As with everything, the opinions are all my own. I was not compensated for doing this 5 day juice. My grogginess was created solely by myself.



Weekly wine down: fur and spirits can keep you warm

Brrr!! It’s cold!
Yea ,cold for us is in the 40’s. Hey, I live on the coast! What can I say!
Let’s warm up by the fire, with a glass of my favorite vino, and wine down with some internet favs:

To use again:
I did this kettle ball workout the other evening and man! Whew! It was a doozy but I really liked it.

To style:
Do you have a fur vest for the season yet?
I picked up this one in gray for $20 at TarJay.


I’ve mentioned before my desire to have a current trend but for a fraction of the cost. That way if I wear it for one season only, I don't feel like I completely wasted a lot of money.
this is one of my favorite fashion bloggers styling the fur vest-She’s cute and has great style.

To make:
These look really tasty. I think they are going on the menu soon.
Btw- I think I’ve mentioned her before but a really great and lightened up food blogger. She also has a fabulous and beautiful cookbook that would make a great Christmas gift for any food lover.


To juice:
Several of us are gearing up for a 5 day juice ‘restart’ on Monday. I’m more scared about dealing with no coffee and sugars for 5 days than drinking juice for meals. 😳
Oh well. It’s only 5 days right?
Better start searching for a couple more of these. ( carrots surprisingly make one of the best juice bases and this comes from a girl who’s never cared for carrots much)


And better double up on these this weekend since it’s also a no alcohol juice…….have a good one!


Wildcard Wednesday: slow and steady

What does it mean to be consistent?
Webster defines it as ‘constantly adhering to the same principles.’
Synonyms include dependable, expected, logical, persistent, rational, steady, unchanging, and uniform.
Antonyms include varying and irregular.
I think the one that speaks to me the most is steady and uniform.
How consistent are you with

Your goals?
Your healthy eating?
Your workout routine?
Your job?

Without getting to personal, let’s talk about the one that applies to me the most and maybe you too: exercise.


Human beings are naturally impatient and today’s world of quick fixes and instant gratification ( and everything) doesn’t help matters.
This article says that no matter what we do in life we will not achieve the success we want unless we work at it day in and day out for months and months. This applies to your exercise program, too. You can have the best diet and trainer in the world but if you lack consistency you will get no where.
A constant routine will take some time to get use to and develop.
However I have a few recommendations you can do to get into the groove of a routine a little faster:

1-pick an exercise program you like and want to do- this could be a new challenge like running a marathon; an old hobby that you want to return to like dancing or swimming; or joining a gym and taking part in group classes, both new and familiar- have fun or you will never be consistent

2-set a time to work out everyday and try your hardest to go at a consistent time every single day- I once read to schedule your exercise like you do appointments ( on the calendar)- this way you are sure to show up

3-get a workout partner- accountability and motivation, even persistence from a partner on day when you least want to go to the gym, always helps- sometimes a good swift kick in the butt is all you need

4- if you don’t feel like going to the gym or exercising, do it for 10 mins- if you still feel crappy, then stop- it is likely at this point that endorphins will be kicking in and you will finish your workout-I recently heard this strategy, applied it on one of my lazy days, and was proud to say it worked- remember: no one ever regretted getting up and exercising, just not starting

5- exercise first thing in the morning or on your way home from work- I do not exercise in the morning, unless it’s like 9 am on a Saturday morning- however I do go to the gym straight from work- no stopping by my house for clothes or a snack as I know I will find something that needs my attention ( probably the pups)- this keeps me structured

6-keep a journal of your workout plan and progress- log your activity everyday- I write or find 12 week plans, log them in a journal and add my progress everyday- this is the difference between training and just working out- your training to get stronger- yes I’m that anal person in the gym that carries around my little book-but it sure is fun to go back and reflect on how far I’ve come

I promise. That if you get a plan and be consistent you will see results.
It won’t be fast. Remember it took you days/ months/ years to get where you are now.
But be consistent.
Don’t jump from plan to plan.


So what do you think?
What are you consistent with and what could you improve on?

Remember: life’s a journey….not a race. Exercise is also a journey….to be your best self! 😉

Meaningful Monday: Don’t crash

Welcome to the start of a new week, gang!

I watched a 13 minute video on you tube the other day about weight loss and thought I would share the contents with you.

The video is titled ‘How to Lose Fat and Keep it Off’, by Dr. Layne Norton , PhD Nutritional Science.

I so wish I had seen this years ago when I went from one crash diet to the next.

I highly recommend you watch it. However, if you don’t have the time, the highlights are below, with my commentary (of course).

First, let me state one thing.

I realize I present to you a lot of videos and information on a daily basis. You may see this as information overload.

So be it.

However, my theory on all of the information that I read and watch is this: read it and take away something….small or large…life changing or not.

No, you don’t have to believe everything you read or see on my page or the internet. It’s the internet…who does?

But, you can be informed and educated.

With that, here’s what I learned:

  • Crash diets do NOT work for the long-term
  • America doesn’t have a ‘weight loss’ problem-we have a ‘weight maintenance’ problem-we can lose weight, we just can’t keep it off
  • 80% of people who went on a crash diet gained that weight back in one year and 1/3-2/3 of those people put more back on than they lost(My commentary:I did a lot of this in my 20’s-I won’t say that I ever put a lot more back on than I lost but I definitely gained all back that I lost)
  • (My commentary: this is key and you really have to stop and think about what he’s saying for it to sink in) Studies have shown that the # of times you diet in your life is directly proportionate to the amount of fat you gain over the same period of time (My commentary: Meaning that you if you’ve dieted 10 times in your life, which isn’t that far-fetched, then you’ve likely gained 10 lbs in that time frame that you dieted)
  • the focus should be to lose the fat but to also maintain the fat loss

don't "diet," just eat healthy. it's better than going on any crash diet, which can ultimately lead to weight gain.


So, you say….well, yes, I want to lost the fat but how?

He goes on to explain…

  • the most effective diets are the ones you can stick to for the long haul.. 6 months, even years-if you can’t envision yourself on the diet 6 mos. to 1 year from now, then you will likely rebound (My commentary: Therefore, if you are trying to lose fat and are on a very unrealistic, non sustainable 1000-1200 calorie diet per day, with exercise, this will never work for the long haul-most people do not have that much will power to sustain this kind of lifestyle)
  • the slower you lose the weight, the more likely you are to keep it off-restrictive diets (My commentary: like I mentioned in the 1000-1200 calories/ day are considered to be restrictive…maybe even ultra restrictive)
  • consistency is key to weight loss (My commentary: very, VERY important-stick to something-don’t bounce from one crash diet, i.e. grapefruit diet, to the next diet, i.e. Atkins)
  • the most preferred weight loss method (in his opinion) is to eat a ratio of carbs, protein and fat,  which is called ‘flexible dieting’ or counting your macros-( My commentary: you can search on ‘carbs/ protein/ fat for weight loss’ and there are tons of links-for the serious-minded exercise or fitness followers, I would recommend looking at this one or this one-find the one that works best for you, your habits, your body type, and lifestyle-take into account your goals; your level of intensity and exercise; enter your macro information into a database to track your carbs, fat, and protein, like My Fitness Pal-it’s not a perfect app but it’s a good start)
  • if you are eating right, watching your carbs, fats, and protein, and moving/ exercising, then have the piece of birthday cake…or the glass of wine…just not the entire bottle (every night) or the entire cake-don’t deprive yourself or you are setting yourself up for failure, rebound, and weight gain ( My commentary: this goes along with my eating right 80% of the time and 20% of the time enjoying myself)
  • the pace at which you lose the weight does not matter-consistency is key


So, what one piece of information did you take away from this article?

I think the most important concept that I needed to hear (again) is that ‘consistency is key.’

You are worth more than a weight loss gimmick. Invest in yourself!


Find a lifestyle of eating that works for you for the long haul…not just tomorrow or next week.

My husband said something key the other day (although I would never tell him) that really put our lifestyle and eating into perspective:

“We don’t have a bad lifestyle (or diet, if you will)…we have a bad meal (occasionally)”

Sometimes the bad meal (or choice, per say) can be helped (as in ‘we should have made the better choice that was available’) and sometimes there is no other choice (i.e., we had a hot dog at a music concert not too long ago-it was a toss-up between a mystery meat burger…or hotdog…and we all know what they are made of, right? 🙂   )

In closing, try to provide meaning to your meals this week…plan them out…don’t have a bad lifestyle/ diet, maybe just an occasional bad meal!

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

One of my favorite quotes

Have a great Monday

Disclaimers: As always, I have referenced the video and links in my blog, giving credit where credit is due-statements are direct quotes from the video and my commentary is in italics-my commentary is totally my opinions, formed from reading, researching, and learning about eating right for the long term-I was not compensated for reviewing this article-I simply enjoyed the video and thought I would share

Before you begin an exercise program, be sure and consult with a doctor first

Weekly ‘wine’ down: A totty and a hot totty

Happy Friday!

We are headed out-of-town this weekend to visit with family. Yeah!

Plus, the pups will get to play with a new family member this weekend, as my dad got a puppy. That should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes.

But, first, let’s ‘wine’ down with some favorites from around the web!


I absolutely love following this fashion/ lifestyle blogger!
Not only is she my age (yes! trust me-it’s rare), married, and has no children but she’s very pretty, has naturally curly hair (like me), has 2 adorable pooches (that she got after losing one dear to her heart), and lives in a picturesque part of California, with mountains, and snow, and lakes, something I don’t see a lot of on the coast. We have a lot of similarities!
She occasionally comes up with these awesome DIY’s that, trust me, are not hard!
This one is too cute…the hard part will be finding a pair of shoes to do this with!
I agree with the blogger…these would be really cute for Christmas attire and parties!
And, be sure to scan through some of her fashion posts on her site (Very talented) and don’t forget to swoon at those cute adorable pups!

DIY Holiday Shoes // Pretty T-Straps with Ankle Bows


To watch (again):

We love SNL! We can’t stay up that late (and hate commercials) to watch it so we record it and watch it the next day.
Did you catch this skit last weekend?
It is absolutely hilarious and probably explains my condition…sometimes.
Her songs have a way of getting in your head and the next thing you know you are singing or humming it and you are like ‘WTH’?!?!?!?!?
Watch it! A guaranteed laugh.

Taylor swift


To store in my memory bank:

This is good info to know as I’m always curious if the store I’m about to walk into with the pooches actually allows pets.
I think I’m curious because if they ask me to leave (realizing I don’t take them inside stores with food-I know that’s wrong) I will in turn ask them why and could go off about how well-mannered and clean my pets are (more so than some adults).
I definitely need to remember this…because sometimes you can’t leave them in the car.

Image via Flickr


To eat:

One of my favorite food bloggers has turned out what looks like another great recipe!
I think I may have to put this on the menu next week!

Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice Casserole is totally cravable. Creamy, cheesy comfort food with a Mexican twist. #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


That’s it! That’s all I got!
Let’s finish with a warm hot totty, since we have cooler temps, again!
Heck, I could be craving a pina colada next week with these crazy temps!

Clint Eastwood's son :O

Oops! No! Not that kind of ‘hot totty’…although he is hot! Nice stogie!
Btw-that’s Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s son! See the resemblance???!

cinnamon toast hot tottie :)

This kind of hot totty! This sounds delightfully warm and comforting…with a stogie, of course! 🙂

Wildcard Wednesday: The healthiest spaghetti ever!!!

I thought I would share a simple, low-carb, low fat, low calorie healthy recipe with you.

I’ve mentioned spaghetti squash on here before and I think I even mentioned using it as a substitute for regular spaghetti dishes (in fact, I think I promised this recipe over a month ago-ouch!).

I know what you are thinking…really? Good? How can anything like this be good?????

And by no means is this recipe intended to replace any traditional Italian spaghetti dishes. It’s merely a substitute..,when you want to shave some calories and carbs but keep the same great taste ( hey-extra calories for wine).

Trust me guys…try it. It’s simply delicious!

Health benefits:

It’s the time of year for everything squash (besides pumpkin). They are everywhere in the grocery store, in all colors and sizes. Green, orange, yellow…round, oblong, funky shaped…small, petite, and extra large!

But did you know that spaghetti squash (and likely all squash varieties) are high in folic acid, potassium, vitamin A, and beta carotene.

Wowzer!!! Eat up!Spaghetti Squash

The recipe:

A tried and true recipe (if you want to call it that) for any kind of squash, is to cut it in half, scrape out the seeds, spray/ rub with oil, sprinkle with seasonings of your choice, and roast at 400 for 1 hour. Simply delicious, even put back into the skillet to ‘fry’ it up a little…..

However, if you want something different…something to replace or satisfy that spaghetti noodle craving that you are having…then, don’t blink or you may miss a step or two of this fabulous recipe! 🙂

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce


1-Put the whole squash in the microwave for 3 minutes-this is to soften the squash so that you can cut it
2-very carefully, slice the squash into 2 pieces
3-scrape out the seeds-you can save to roast separately (but I never remember to do this)
4-spray/ rub the squash with oil (I used coconut oil-use whatever oil you choose)
5-sprinkle the squash with seasonings-I used simply S&P
6-Lay the squash cut side up on a sheet pan & roast in a 400 degree oven for 1 hour
7-when the squash is cool enough to touch, scrap the squash in a bowl with a fork, like spaghetti



8-While the squash is cooking, brown the ground meat (I used beef; however, I bet turkey would be just as good)
9-add the mushrooms to the meat, if you choose-we love fungus and add mushrooms to any and everything! 🙂
10-add the pasta sauce to the ground meat-here’s a tip to take your pasta sauce up a notch: add about 1 teaspoon of sugar to the sauce while cooking-I’m not kidding…it takes the pasta sauce, homemade or store bought, to an entirely new level!!!!
11-plate the spaghetti squash with meat sauce and ENJOY!!!

(please pardon the horrible picture taking-I’m blaming the wine)

I’m not kidding friends…unreal!!!


You can enjoy two platefuls of squash and meat sauce and not feel guilty with these statistics:

  • spaghetti squash-46 calories & 10 g. carbs per 1 c. serving
  • spaghetti noodles-221 calories & 43 g. of carbs

Plus, the spaghetti noodles are (likely) ultra- processed and the squash is from the earth!!!

Winner, winner!!!!

Let me know if you have tried this and love it…or hate it!

Do you enjoy squash? How do you like them cooked?

As always, the recipe is my own as are my opinions-I was not compensated for any product referred to in this post

Weekly ‘wine down’: A wrap, a wine, and a warming soup!

Whew! What a busy, crazy week!
First, we a bunch (around 300, to be exact) of crazy, sugar driven kids knocking on my door, dressed as super hero’s, aliens, batman, and, the ever so popular, Elsa from Frozen all begging for more sugar. Bless their parents today!
Then, a HUGE college football rivalry game that brings a large crowd of drunk-en college kids and immature adults (wanting to be college kids again) to the sleepy island area.
Needless to say, it’s a big weekend for this around here….the biggest one will do:

I want a wine glass like Jules! This is the size wine glasses should really be.


With that large glass, let’s ‘wine’ down for the weekend and check out some of my favorite posts this week!

To recreate:

I love a good, soft maxi skirt or dress.
Since I sit on my ‘arse’ at the computer for work, this type of attire is perfect for me!
I love this look, using a maxi skirt with a soft sweater. Heck, I might could even pull off the tennis shoes with this!

Chambray + grey sweater + pleated maxi. Seersucker + Saddles stays nailing it.


To sew:

Ok…I may not sew.
But aren’t these the cutest little homemade t-shirts, sweaters and sweat shirts for the Pooch in your life, all made from old sweatshirts and sweaters.
If some of my great, sweet friends that know how to sew would like to offer to make me 2, I would greatly appreciate it.
Heck, I will even bake you something sweet in return.

35 DIY Dog Coats


To do (again):

I shared this workout blogger’s Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and decided to do one of her WOD’s (workouts of the day) one evening when I didn’t feel like going to the gym but the weather was too awesome to not do something.
I admit that it was hard and challenging but I really “got my sweaty on.”
Give it a try.

I want to share a few running workouts with weights that I have been doing lately.


To wrap:

Do you have a plaid or buffalo check scarf for winter this year?
It seems it’s a must as they are everywhere.I’ve seen some less expensive versions in Old Navy, Target and TJ.
Remember I posted that scarf tutorial a couple of weeks ago?
I need to go back and watch it again.
I plan on wearing one of these….today!!!! Woo hoo!

red oversize plaid scarf, mocha cardigan #swoonboutiqueBrown leather skirt, chunky ivory sweater and plaid scarf. Simple and chic outfit idea.45 Fall Looks I'm Loving {The Weekly Round UP} - This Silly Girl's LifeThis Silly Girl's Life


To warm the body:

I made this last year and it was tasty!
I love a homemade tomato soup, with some cheese and more cheese.
Since it’s cooler (actually, cold-only for a couple of days), I may have to make this!

Creamy Tomato Orzo Soup Recipe on twopeasandtheirpod.com Love this creamy tomato soup that is made with Greek yogurt! #soup


That’s all I got!
Have a super weekend!!!!!

Wildcard Wednesday: Why juice?

There’s a new health channel in town.
Food Matters TV…or FMTV.
Have you heard of it?
Likely not because 1) it’s not included in your standard cable package and 2) you have to subscribe to it for, I think for around $10/ month, more than Netflix.
Hopefully, in the future, some of the shows and programs will either be available for free or on Netflix.

Anyway, it’s a total health channel, devoted to movies about exercise, health, and eating right.
I do subscribe to the email service and last week they were offering a week of free movie previews.
I’ve only watched one movie so far and it was all about juicing!!!!

3 medium carrots 1/2 small, ripe pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into pieces 1 large orange, peeled and cut into pieces


(this one looks really tasty-surprisingly, carrot juice is one of the best)

The movie:

I chose to watch “The Big Juice Experiment: Super Juice Me” by Jason Vale.


The movie is centered around 8 people, all ages,  from around the world with combined total of 22 chronic diseases among them, consisting of: diabetes, ulcerative colitis, asthma, allergies, Chron’s disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and lupus.
Yea…bad stuff.

Most of the ‘patients; (as I will call them) are in pretty bad or dire (desperate) shape; taking a series or boat load of prescription medicines on a daily basis, none of which seems to be helping; and all are overweight and relatively unhealthy.

The ‘patients’ are to stay at a ranch in Spain for 28 days (nothing like Biggest Loser with it’s extreme exercise programs) in which they are to eat & drink only juices as prepared by the ranch; exercise and move daily; and basically, heal their body to hopefully rid it of ailments and medicines.
Basically, they are reclaiming their health!

What struck me most about all 8 patients is there will and want to make a change…to want to get off all the drugs…to want to lose weight…and the willingness to give 28 days of juicing a try.

Why juice?

Experts in the movie (which consisted mostly of Doctor’s, Nutritionists, and dietitians), proclaim the following about juicing:

  • as we eat processed foods, we are impairing our digestive tracts-fresh, natural juices of veggies and fruits repair those digestive tracts by allowing the nutrients from the juices to get absorbed in our tracts
  • Juices remove the toxicity from the body, enabling you to feel better, faster-definitely something we all strive for
  • weight loss reduces inflammation, increases vitality and energy-juicing does all 3 of these

It goes on to explain how we as a society are addicted to fat, sugar and salt, much like a crack addict; that traditional Dr.’s treat the symptoms of an illness, not the cause; drugs are a toxin; and that inflammation is the root cause of all disease.

Some of this is not new information …in fact, I’ve even talked about some of these areas on the blog before.

But the one thing they did say that I kind of ‘latched on to’ and made me think is one specialist said ‘we are the only creatures that cook our foods, meaning you don’t see a gorilla with a BBQ. ‘

Hmmm…..I like a good grilled piece of chicken and some roasted vegetables but I definitely see his point on this….cook the items and lose some of the nutrients, where, if you juice in the raw, you get all the nutrients.

The results of the experiment & my perspective

Every single patient

  • lost weight, some significantly
  • had a decrease in BP levels
  • had lowered cholesterol levels
  • showed no diabetic indicators or symptoms at the end of 28 days
  • had no symptoms of sleep apnea (a direct result of weight loss)
  • showed no asthmatic or allergy symptoms
  • all were able to remove some level of their prescription drugs

Was the experiment hard for the patients?

Absolutely! Yea, 28 days of juicing would be hard, even if you had someone make a different juice for you every day!

However, it appeared that the patients thought the results of the experiment far outweighed the struggles.
In fact, many of the patients incorporated some sort of juicing plan into their regular daily routine, continuing to see results long after the experiment.

I enjoyed the movie, although I thought it was a little long (which I relinquished by fast forwarding through the slow parts).

I really enjoyed seeing how happy and healthy the patients became at the end of 28 days.
It seems that this was a last resort for a few of them and to be able to ditch some or all of there drugs…drugs the traditional Dr.’s said they would have to take forever…brought complete happiness to them.

I am a believer that a lot of our ailments and diseases (especially chronic) are brought on by our lifestyle and food choices and that you can reverse the problems through proper nutrition and diet.

If nothing else, the movie made me think more about including more veggies in my diet, and even including juicing more, which I already try to do at least 2/ week.

And, good news for you…there’s still time to see this movie and a couple of more interesting ones (as there’s an encore presentation starting over the weekend).

Go to the website, register your email, and you can watch the movies for free! https://www.fmtv.com/watch/super-juice-me

My questions to you:

1-Would you ever do a juice of this nature?

2-What do you think of the juice experiments?


 I’m seriously contemplating a week of juicing in the near future. I just need to determine when…is anyone interested in participating to see how much better you could feel; to see if you could shed some pounds; and to see if you could shed some ailments and maybe reverse the clock?

Let me know your responses and thought on juicing!

A video:  Kris Carr teaches you how to make her favorite green juice recipe, answers green juice FAQs and shares her green juice recipe infographic.


(this is a really good source for juicing recipes-I’ve tried a few and they are seriously delicious)


As always, the opinions are my own-I was not compensated to watch or review this film-All references have links attached for the original article




Weekly ‘wine down’: Fun stuff!

Hello friends/ readers and happy Friday!

Finally, some cool-er weather here in this humid, sultry part of the States.

I won’t say ‘cool’ or ‘cold’ and I won’t say it’s boot weather, as it warms to a nice 75 by afternoon (to me, that’s short sleeves and jeans).

But, one of the reasons I do love this time of year is I can go for a cool run and not have to get up at zero-dark-thirty in the morning to do it!

Heck, I can even run at 6 pm and it’s……. glorious.

Well, that’s not the only reason I love this time of year…can we say ‘no humidity’ and that means no frizz for the hair! Winner!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I’ve been reading this week and have a nice weekend!

To make:

I love a good homemade chicken noodle soup and, believe it or not, I don’t think I had a recipe before now!

I plan on making this very soon (perhaps our next cold snap..who knows when that will be)!

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup is ready in under 30 minutes and made with fridge and pantry staples. The most comforting soup you will ever slurp! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


To carve:

Ok.  I admit it.

I haven’t carved my pumpkin yet.

Honestly, it’s been too hot.

I’ve made the mistake of carving a pumpkin early in October before and it rotted before Halloween. Really nasty!


But, we may get into the spirit this weekend and, if so, I think one of these are adorable (along with a couple of those at the very bottom of this post)!

Carve a Coastal Pumpkin! - Coastal Living


To recreate:

How cute is this?

I plan to draw this on my chalkboard in the kitchen in November.

I won’t tell you how many attempts it will probably take me to draw this.

I’m not the artist. In fact, that side of the brain barely works. 🙂

Thanksgiving Chalkboard - The Lilypad Cottage


That’s it!

Have a great weekend!

Hope you enjoy one, or two, of these over the weekend!

Blue Moon Pumpkin Beer


Btw- these are really good! They are especially good while carving pumpkins (just don’t use knives!)!!!!

Safety first!

As always, my opinions are of my own. I was not compensated for any of the products. All links to products are attached.

Wildcard Wednesday: What type are you?

I found this fun quiz a couple of weeks ago.

It’s all about wine and what type of wine drinker you are.

Like I said in this post, we enjoy the occasional glass. Yes, sometimes it is a bottle (depending on the day/ week/ situation). However, most of the time we only drink on the weekend, unless it’s a special weeknight treat.

With that said, I think the type of drinker that the quiz classified me as is pretty spot on. (see the bottom)

If you aren’t a wine drinker, then play along anyway and substitute beer or any other kind of alcohol.

It’s all in good fun!

Take the quiz !

Follow the link under the picture…..

What kind of wine drinker are you?

Quiz: What Type Of Wine Drinker Are You? | VinePair



Here are my results:

Savvy Sipper

You know what you like, and are pretty informed, but you also realize there is a lot about wine you don’t know, and that’s OK.


What kind of wine (or other alcohol) drinker are you?

Leave me a comment below or on Facebook about what the quiz said about you.

I’m interested to hear everyone’s response and if you agree with the quiz results!

Happy Wednesday!




As always, opinions are my own. I was not compensated to post this article.