Weekly wine down:

Yea…so I’ve been a little MIA.

Oops. I have no great reason or excuse….just busy getting my ‘2015 on’, you know?

Moving on….here’s a couple of my favorite things I’ve been enjoying the last couple of weeks (ok-months!)

My crave:

I’ve got an abundance of bananas right now and I’ve been craving banana pudding.
I know…you either are a banana pudding lover (mostly southerners) or you aren’t…the hubby hates it and thinks it disgusting. Like, the worst thing ever.
However, the banana pudding that I’m accustomed to making and eating doesn’t exactly fit in with my new year’s plan of getting to ‘my best self.’
So, I researched ‘healthy banana pudding’ and may have to give this one a try…I’ll let all you pudding lovers know how it was.

Skinny Banana Pudding from GOODEness Gracious


My best cut:

So, I whacked my hair off a couple of weeks ago.
Yep-this short! Kelly Rippa-ish short!
If I’m being honest, I’m just tired of all the work and length and weight and on…and on…
Another one of my ‘resolutions’ is to make things or life more simple…this is a good start for me.
When I left the salon, it looked a lot like this…but, as we know, we can never do our hair as good as the professionals.
I’m still working on styling it to perfection…but I love the cut!
And, if I don’t, it will always grow out.

Adrianne Palicki Short Curlie Hairstyles Perfect Short Hairstyles for Oval Face


My favorite meal prep:

Going along with that ‘make things more simple’ resolution, I’ve been doing a lot of weekly meal preps.
Weekly meal prep makes my week less stressful when I already have all the groceries bought, veggies roasted/ cooked, and meals thought of.  This leaves time for more important things, like exercise and fitness (another one of my resolutions) and playing with the two pups!
With that said, I think I may have to give this ‘salad in a jar’ a try.
The only problem I have with this, and really any meal prep, is eating the same thing more than 2 times/ week.
It’s mental and I just can’t do it. I have to change it up…somehow…like taking the grilled chicken that I ate on Monday, then put on a salad on Wednesday, to in a stir fry on Thurday…changing the taste completely.
But, I’m willing to give this a try. I know this is perfect for those busy-ier people, than me…like with kids and those that have a commute and travel a lot for work.
(Note; be sure to follow her blog-it’s really good)

Mason Jar Asian Chicken Salad


I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Enjoy the ride!

Serve up some cuteness Christmas morning

Have you given any thought to what you may cook on Christmas morning for breakfast?
Tradition for us is to have a mid morning breakfast/ brunch and then do an early Christmas dinner, likely some soup.
Our big dinner is Christmas Eve and on this year’s menu is roasted chicken; carrots and quinoa; sweet potato stackers; green beans; bread; and petite cheesecakes for dessert.
The plan is to keep everything healthy and good…right down to the skinny cheesecakes. We shall see….

But, all bets are off for brunch!

So, if you are in search of a recipe for Christmas morning, I have some ideas (some new, some tried and true):

Christmas Morning Breakfast Idea: Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree- cute idea #christmas  #holiday #holidayfood

How cute is this Cinnamon roll Christmas tree? You wouldn’t even have to go to the extra work of making homemade cinnamon rolls (although your family and friends would lovvvveee you for it). You could go the can cinnamon roll route, to save time (and heartache).

1st Annual North Pole Breakfast! Can't wait to do this the morning we ride the North Pole Flyer :)))

Again, is this not adorable and would your kids not think you are the best?

Possible breakfast tradition for Christmas morning? Could serve with hot cocoa or coffee.

I DO NOT condone powdered sugar doughnuts…EVER…but this was too cute to pass up!
I guess for one day out of the year…we can let the sugar and processed contents of this ‘snack’ slide! (Remember: It’s not breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…you are setting yourself up for sugar overload all day)

Christmas Coffee Cocktail | Perfect for Christmas morning or after a holiday meal

For the adults on Christmas morning, I present to you this delectable concoction, two of my loves: Coffee and amaretto liqueur! (I’m pinning this now! Yum!)

Last but definitely not least….

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

This is one of my favorites!
I’m not even kidding!!!!
Put everything in the crock pot the night before….let it cook and fill the house with delightful smells all night…and eat the next morning!
It’s a Christmas miracle!!!!!!
I promise…you won’t be disappointed. Divine!

Hope you find these helpful…share with me now……

What are your Christmas traditions?

Be sure to post your yummies to my Facebook page. I would love to see your traditions!

Weekly wine down: For the last minute gifters

6 days.
Just in case you needed to be reminded…6 days is all you have left to do your Christmas shopping.
I am pretty much through with all my shopping, with the exception of a few easy items I want to pick up.
With that said, and the fact that it’s Friday, let’s wine down and start our holiday celebrations early!

To buy (for last-minute shopping):
If you have last-minute people to buy for, might I suggest you purchase something practical at this late point in the game?
How about an on-line gift card?
I know. Some people think gift cards are not personable. I totally disagree. Gift cards allow the person to get what they want…and I really like some of the gift cards below. They are my personal favorite retailers and a gift card from any of them would make me real happy!
It’s easy. Go to the website, buy the gift card online, and it emails the gift card to the recipient, to print or download to the phone.
How cool is that? You didn’t even have to leave your wine or get out of your pj’s.

You can even personalize your Starbucks card and select the amount of the gift you want. Plus, who doesn’t want (or need) more coffee in 2015?

For the hard to buy boyfriend, dad, or even boss….a Cabela’s gift card. No, you don’t have to have a Cabela’s store to shop the sportsman giant. You can shop online…a gift to make any guy happy. I envision Cabela’s is for men like the Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus is to women of the shopping world….heaven!

Athleta Gift Cards
For the fitness minded gal, she would love an Athleta gift card! LOVE! Take it from me…she would love this! Athleta makes top-notch and durable fitness attire. I don’t have many pieces, but the ones I do have are worth every penny! Definitely one of those items that you ‘get what you pay for’…in a good way.

Barnes & Noble
Got a reader in the family but you don’t have a local B&N store? No problem. Shop online and get them a gift card. No more guessing if they would like the book….they can purchase a book or use the gift card to download books! Whatever! Genius!

This is the perfect gift card, personally, because the recipient can get clothing, books, cookware, food, or even toilet paper. Whatever in the heck they want (or need, in the case of tp).

 To make life easier:
Because we all need life to be a little bit easier around the holidays, right? Well, how about hosting a party and making one of these easy crock pot appetizers?
They look delicious!

Slow-Cooker Appetizers | Cheesy Spinach-Artichoke Dip | MyRecipes.com


 To be the life of the party:
Isn’t this the cutest little Christmas party outfit? Chances are you may have most of the items in your closet (remember that black jacket I recommended you purchase?).
If not, Old Navy has sequin tops like this one for $6 right now!
If you only wear it once, then….it was $6! You can barely by a drink from Starbucks for that price!



To be festive:
Yum, yum!!! This looks tasty, minus that silly elf! (I can’t stand that stupid elf game thing-I don’t think my dogs would like that Elf either)

Gingerbread Martini


Happy weekend!

Make it a good one…doing what you do!!!!

Weekly wine down: Sunday, funday!!!

Wow! It’s now Sunday and I’m just finding time to do this post and I have about 3 more things to do today.
Man it was a busy weekend! Do you love or hate those kind of weekends?
I love them in that I get a lot done but they fly by and then it’s Monday. Eek.
At least I managed to get some wine in this weekend and chill a little.
Here’s the latest on the web:

Cranberry eggnog oatmeal
I have this in the crockpot now for weekly breakfasts. I’m pretty excited about it and will let you know the outcome.

The key ingredient players. Btw- that’s almond milk eggnog that I made ( contains egg whites instead of whole eggs) from this recipe for 2 reasons: we don’t drink cows milk and I can’t stand the fact of drinking whole eggs, regardless of how much alcohol is in it. Yuck!
Btw. Santa not required.
<a href="http://www.theyummylife.com/Slow_Cooker_Eggnog_Cranberry_Oatmeal"amp;

This is the <a href="http://www.theyummylife.com/Slow_Cooker_Eggnog_finished_Oatmeal”>recipe and what it should look like. Yum.

I better get started on next years wreath.
See, their is a reason for weekly wine down!


To do, again:
We did this for the year of 2013 and it was really sweet and special to read the notes on 12/31. We wrote down things we were grateful for song the way or something fun and memorable that we did.
It’s a great way to look back at a year of highlights and memories, some sadly forgotten and hen remembers fondly.
I think I may need to bring this back for 2015. It’s a great way to remember to be grateful.
I challenge you to do this for 2015. You won’t regret it.


Happy new week to you!

Remember…life’s a journey, not a race.

Weekly ‘wine’ down:Yes…more food and drinks! It’s Christmas…why not?

Another week in December has gone by and I STILL don’t have my tree up!
“Tonight’s the night”….as Rod Stewart use to say (except I don’t think he was talking about stringing lights 🙂 .
Yep…I’m going to turn the a/c down so it can be cold enough to use the fireplace; put on Christmas vacation; grab a hot totty; and start stringing some lights.
Good lord I hate this task.
I’m not sure how much more than the tree will go up this year. It’s all just sometimes too much, you know?

Anyway, let’s ‘wine’ down (or wine up for me-my weekend starts now) from the week and enjoy some favorites:

To cook:

I’ve talked about using the slow cooker on here before and I adore mine.
But, I have worried, or thought, about turning it on while I’m out of the house.
I mean, I do have 2 adorable precious assets to protect….Lucy and Desi.
So, this article was one of those light bulb moments, or rather duh-huh moments.
I think I will do this next week…at night.

5 Reasons Why I Run My Slow Cooker All Night (Not All Day)


To feast on:

Oh. my.gosh.
Have you seen these delicious looking morsels filled with great goodness made by Nestle? They look divine.
Since I have some big (BIG) plans for 2015, I better go ahead and make one of these now.
Because everything you eat from now until January 1 doesn’t count anyway, right?

Deep-Dish Chocolate Caramel Cookies


To dream:

Have you been following my daily FB share of homes decorated for Christmas ? These bloggers offer true inspiration and, hopefully for me, motivation…to get my butt moving!
Seriously, they treat this stuff seriously!
I’m thinking they start decorating in early November, right?
Here’s one of my favorites.
I love the simplicity, shabby, and flannel styles and fabrics used for decorating. So classic Christmas and winter-y.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Whether you are searching Pinterest or just popping into the grocery store, that time of year is here. My quaint little east coast town has already been draped in lights & fresh greenery. There is just something magical about the holidays, with the cookie making, Christmas music, [...]


To make…now:

This is my drink for the evening/ weekend.
Btw-a favorite food blogger- she’s got some great recipes

This peppermint white hot chocolate recipe is easy to make with just a few simple ingredients, and it's a great way to warm up on chilly nights! | gimmesomeoven.com


Happy weekend friends!

Enjoy the journey………………………….

Wildcard Wednesday: Get your gobble on


So, tomorrow is the big Turkey Day!

Did you know that

  • 46 million turkeys are consumed each year on Thanksgiving
  • turkey consumption has increased 110% in the USA since 1970 (104% in the world)
  • the turkey industry alone employs 20,000 people in the USA
  • in 1970, 50% of all turkeys consumed during the year were on Thanksgiving Day-now, just 29% is consumed on Thanksgiving meaning that more Turkey is consumed all year long

Wow! That’s a lot of turkey talk!
Without going all PETA on you, I will say just think about that…one single day…46 million. That’s a lot of birds to raise, kill, and eat on one single day.

In the past, the main bird has gotten a bad rap health wise. However, clarification needs to be made or understood……………………….


As you may have guess, it’s actually all the other sugar-laden, 5 cheese, bread topped sides you consume that are bad for you (and that add to that turkey coma)!

Here are some turkey tips: (source)

The pros

  • Turkey is a rich source of protein.
  • Skinless turkey is low in fat. White meat is lower in kilojoules and has less fat than the dark meat. A typical turkey consists of 70 per cent white meat and 30 per cent dark meat.
  • Turkey meat is a source of iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus.
  • It is also a source of vitamin B6 and niacin, which are both essential for the body’s energy production.
  • Regular turkey consumption can help lower cholesterol levels. The meat is low-GI and can help keep insulin levels stable.
  • Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which produces serotonin and plays an important role in strengthening the immune system.
  • It is also a source of selenium, which is essential for thyroid hormone metabolism. It also boosts immunity and acts as an antioxidant.

The cons

  • Turkey can be high in sodium.
  • Some meat, particularly prepackaged slices, can be processed and contain other substances.
  • Turkey skin is high in fat.
  • Research suggests large amounts of tryptophan can make you sleepy.


So, besides my most recent tips for battling post Turkey coma that I posted this week on my facebook page (seen herebe sure and like my page!), I offer this solution to ensuring that you have a balanced meal on turkey day that will leave you feeling satisfied and full…….

Offer to bring a side to the gathering

Revolutionary, I know, and quite possibly it’s not an option to bring a side.

But, if you do, why not make it a nice, healthy side that offers the same great tasting punch as those 5 cheese maccaroni’s that Aunt “what’s her name?” brings…..

Here are some of my favorite, tried and tested, sides that I promise will make your family & friends say “this is healthy?” Say whatttttt??????

Parmesan Lemon Zucchini - Damn Delicious

Parmesan Lemon zucchini

Seriously…this zuchinni is so great and easy to make…prep the zuke slices ahead of time…then saute up! I ensure you they will be all gone!


Boil, smash, season, bake. These are the BEST potatoes ever. From the Pioneer Woman.

crash hot potatoes

These are fantastic (a repeat in our household),  especially piping hot out of the oven. Boil them up (even in the micro if you are short on time or energy), smash them, drizzle with oil and spices, and then pop them in the oven 15 mins before T-day time! They will be devoured. I promise! (btw-potatoes aren’t bad for you either 🙂 )


Creamy+Parmesan-Garlic+Quinoa+is+an+easy+side+dish+that's+packed+with+protein+and+family-pleasing+flavors.+@Iowa Girl Eats+|+iowagirleats.com


Surprise everyone at the gathering by bringing quinoa! I bet you there’s one person that is curious about quinoa’s taste (and added complete source of protein healthiness). Shock them with this delicious parmesan garlic quinoa that goes from pot to table in 20 minutes! Yummo!

Thanksgiving- Caramel Apple Dip And Apples

Is this not the cutest thing ever?
Surely, if they don’t think it’s cute they will love the apples and caramel? Who doesn’t love caramel apples for T-Day and fall?!?!?!?

Have a great holiday all!

Watch your portions, enjoy some protein, and most of give thanks to the many wonderful loving people around you sharing the day with you.
Because, without friends and family, what do you have?


As always, the opinions of the recipes above are all my own-all references have been linked-I was not compensated to promote any of these recipes or products-I simply have tried the recipes and love them, along with turkey-gobble, gobble!










Weekly ‘wine’ down: A potato, a fat, and a reminder

Wine? What’s that? It’s been so long!
I didn’t realize that my juicing experiment didn’t include the juicing of grapes? 🙂
Jk-But, I will be looking forward to that one glass of red wine that I intend to thoroughly enjoy come Friday evening.

In the meantime, let’s highlight some of our favs from the internet this week:

WARNING: This post could be all about food and the foods I’m currently craving…since, you know, I haven’t had a lot of solids all week!


To eat:

Do you love avocados? I do and I’ve been eating the heck out of them this week (one/ day)!
Don’t be worried about the fats. They are good for you fats.
This may look funny…eggs, with whole wheat toast and avocado…but, trust me, it’s delicious!
Plus, you get heathy fats, protein from eggs and avacado, whole grains, and enough carbs to carry you through mid-morning!
Simply a perfect start to the morning.

15 Flat Belly Breakfasts // wonderful for quick meals and snacks too #protein #clean #healthy



This is a really great, and looks easy, idea for homemade Christmas gifts!
Creative, homemade gifts are the best to receive. It means you put some thought, effort and time into it.
Will you be making any homemade gifts this season?



To crave:
I’m craving sweet potatoes!
That’s not a bad thing, right?
These don’t look the healthiest but alongside some brocoli and chicken or fish they could surely fit the bill of a perfect meal!
Or, they could be that side you are looking for Thanksgiving!
Any time of the day…yummo!
Let me know if you try them out….before me.:)

Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes Recipe : Guy Fieri : Food Network - FoodNetwork.com


To think about:

Isn’t this the truth?
I was reminded of this quote just this week when a friend of ours passed away unexpectedly…just one evening after dinner….at age 50!
So young. So much left to do and live.
I can only imagine the heartache his parents, siblings, children, and dear friends are facing this week.
Death…it’s so final.
So eternal.
So gone….forever.
You don’t get that chance to re-do…do the things you missed out on…undo the things you did wrong….
You really have just a short time here on earth….who know’s how long or short.
Make the most of this time…and remember this quote.

Leuk idee om er een originele muursticker van te maken door www.muurtekstenonline.nl. In diverse maten en kleuren.

Sorry to get so philosophical on you….we just all need to be reminded of this every once in a while.

Here’s to a great weekend friends!

I’ll be back on Monday with my juicing experiment final wrap up! I know you are on pins and needles in anticipation…..

In the meantime…enjoy this picture of our 2014 People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive!

Chris Hemsworth

(Nice necklace, btw! …..Made you look)
I think the media finally got something right!!!!!
Word was this was who originally was thought to play Christian Grey in the book turned movie 50 Shades of Grey!
He would have been perfect!!! Grrrr……

That’s better looking than those sweet potatoes up there…..nah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What do you mean there’s no coffee?!?!?!?!?

So I didn’t exactly get a ‘meaningful Monday’ post up yesterday. Oops!
Honestly, I was too busy working on my juice experiment and thinking about all the delicious chicken, egg, and veggie dishes I plan on having come Saturday.
Jk….sort of.
So, myself and 2 other victims ( I mean followers) are doing a 5 day juice reset, or detox if you will.


Basically, you drink 4 juices per day ( 2 in the form of juices that you throw in the blender to make a hearty smoothie) and you can have an avocado, banana, decaf teas ( preferably peppermint), and a raw vegan bar if you need it.
I’ve consumed each, on every day. 🙂
I’m sure you are thinking that this sounds like too little amount of food for nourishment but honestly I haven’t been as hungry as I thought I would be.
We know that veggies and fruits, in its purest form, are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.
Sure, I may not be getting as much protein as I would with eggs or chicken but I won’t go ‘protein deficient’ in just 5 days!
I can tell you this much. When its time for a juice, it’s time for a juice for blood sugar maintenance. My grogginess tells me so!
Here’s what I can’t have: sugars and caffeine.
Yea…. Caffeine.


This may have been my face on Monday morning…or Tuesday.
No sugars or caffeine has definitely been the hardest part of this experiment.
Finally, at the end of day 2, I have shaken the withdrawal headache, for either sugars or caffeine or both, and finally feel good (which could be from the 1/2 cup of unsweetened black tea I had around 3 pm today-I needed it, BAD!).
In fact, I felt good enough to go to the gym and exercise tonight.
Anyway, why am I doing this , you ask?
Not to lose weight but to (1) gain control of my sugar and caffeine habit and (2) because I love a good challenge!.

Habits can be broken
Mine is not a pretty habit.
Coffee in the morning, tea at lunch, iced coffee in the afternoon, and sweets ( several pieces of candy) in the afternoon.
This has been my world for the last couple of months. Plus too much bread, Halloween candy (darn candy corn), and birthday cake (delicious but I felt like I shouldn’t waste not ONE.SINGLE.PIECE), all of which are loaded with sugars!
Sure…my coffee has 1 teaspoon of sugar; my tea is half unsweetened and half sweet; and my iced coffee, which I make, has 1 teaspoon of sugar.
This has been my justification…..but all that adds up!!!
I’ve been trying really hard to eat right and healthy and exercise 5x/ week and have made significant progress.
But if I continue to eat sugars like I’ve been doing, then my efforts will go unnoticed, by me. The work will not be effective if I don’t have my eating on target.

Challenge or change is good
So, I’ve put myself up to this challenge.
I’m resetting my body.
I’ve done a reset before, with fruit and veggie smoothies, but only for 3 days. So I know what goes along with this….the withdrawal headaches, dreams of great foods, etc…

So far I’ve realized just how much cooking and eating healthy foods plays a role in my life and, honestly, how much I miss cooking.
I enjoy trying new recipes. It’s what I do when I come home from the gym in the evenings.
A juice doesn’t take that long to make….then what? Nothing is on tv. Heck, I may as well go to bed.

The future of juicing for me
With that said,I won’t be going to an all juice diet after this 5 day challenge.
I enjoy cooking and eating real food with substance and texture and I enjoy experimenting with healthy recipes.
But I would like to get into a routine of having one juice per day, likely in the morning, and having only 1/2 cup of coffee per day.
No tea. No extra coffee in the afternoon and to limit my sugars to 1 or 2 weekend splurges.
That should be a challenge in itself.

So, tell me, would you ever participate in a juice of this nature? For 3 days or 5?

What kind of challenges do you like or would you like to see here?


Stay tuned for another follow up on Thursday (or Friday)!

Juice on people!

10 Easy Juicing Recipes for Beginners. #juicing #prolificliving @Prolific Living


Btw-If yuu are just getting started on juicing, or want to, this is a great, basic juice to start with-it’s super sweet and tasty! Just a hint of the ginger takes the juice up a notch. Trust me…I promise.


Disclaimer: As with everything, the opinions are all my own. I was not compensated for doing this 5 day juice. My grogginess was created solely by myself.


Weekly wine down: fur and spirits can keep you warm

Brrr!! It’s cold!
Yea ,cold for us is in the 40’s. Hey, I live on the coast! What can I say!
Let’s warm up by the fire, with a glass of my favorite vino, and wine down with some internet favs:

To use again:
I did this kettle ball workout the other evening and man! Whew! It was a doozy but I really liked it.

To style:
Do you have a fur vest for the season yet?
I picked up this one in gray for $20 at TarJay.


I’ve mentioned before my desire to have a current trend but for a fraction of the cost. That way if I wear it for one season only, I don't feel like I completely wasted a lot of money.
this is one of my favorite fashion bloggers styling the fur vest-She’s cute and has great style.

To make:
These look really tasty. I think they are going on the menu soon.
Btw- I think I’ve mentioned her before but a really great and lightened up food blogger. She also has a fabulous and beautiful cookbook that would make a great Christmas gift for any food lover.


To juice:
Several of us are gearing up for a 5 day juice ‘restart’ on Monday. I’m more scared about dealing with no coffee and sugars for 5 days than drinking juice for meals. 😳
Oh well. It’s only 5 days right?
Better start searching for a couple more of these. ( carrots surprisingly make one of the best juice bases and this comes from a girl who’s never cared for carrots much)


And better double up on these this weekend since it’s also a no alcohol juice…….have a good one!


Weekly ‘wine’ down: A totty and a hot totty

Happy Friday!

We are headed out-of-town this weekend to visit with family. Yeah!

Plus, the pups will get to play with a new family member this weekend, as my dad got a puppy. That should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes.

But, first, let’s ‘wine’ down with some favorites from around the web!


I absolutely love following this fashion/ lifestyle blogger!
Not only is she my age (yes! trust me-it’s rare), married, and has no children but she’s very pretty, has naturally curly hair (like me), has 2 adorable pooches (that she got after losing one dear to her heart), and lives in a picturesque part of California, with mountains, and snow, and lakes, something I don’t see a lot of on the coast. We have a lot of similarities!
She occasionally comes up with these awesome DIY’s that, trust me, are not hard!
This one is too cute…the hard part will be finding a pair of shoes to do this with!
I agree with the blogger…these would be really cute for Christmas attire and parties!
And, be sure to scan through some of her fashion posts on her site (Very talented) and don’t forget to swoon at those cute adorable pups!

DIY Holiday Shoes // Pretty T-Straps with Ankle Bows


To watch (again):

We love SNL! We can’t stay up that late (and hate commercials) to watch it so we record it and watch it the next day.
Did you catch this skit last weekend?
It is absolutely hilarious and probably explains my condition…sometimes.
Her songs have a way of getting in your head and the next thing you know you are singing or humming it and you are like ‘WTH’?!?!?!?!?
Watch it! A guaranteed laugh.

Taylor swift


To store in my memory bank:

This is good info to know as I’m always curious if the store I’m about to walk into with the pooches actually allows pets.
I think I’m curious because if they ask me to leave (realizing I don’t take them inside stores with food-I know that’s wrong) I will in turn ask them why and could go off about how well-mannered and clean my pets are (more so than some adults).
I definitely need to remember this…because sometimes you can’t leave them in the car.

Image via Flickr


To eat:

One of my favorite food bloggers has turned out what looks like another great recipe!
I think I may have to put this on the menu next week!

Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice Casserole is totally cravable. Creamy, cheesy comfort food with a Mexican twist. #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


That’s it! That’s all I got!
Let’s finish with a warm hot totty, since we have cooler temps, again!
Heck, I could be craving a pina colada next week with these crazy temps!

Clint Eastwood's son :O

Oops! No! Not that kind of ‘hot totty’…although he is hot! Nice stogie!
Btw-that’s Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s son! See the resemblance???!

cinnamon toast hot tottie :)

This kind of hot totty! This sounds delightfully warm and comforting…with a stogie, of course! 🙂