Weekly wine down:

Yea…so I’ve been a little MIA.

Oops. I have no great reason or excuse….just busy getting my ‘2015 on’, you know?

Moving on….here’s a couple of my favorite things I’ve been enjoying the last couple of weeks (ok-months!)

My crave:

I’ve got an abundance of bananas right now and I’ve been craving banana pudding.
I know…you either are a banana pudding lover (mostly southerners) or you aren’t…the hubby hates it and thinks it disgusting. Like, the worst thing ever.
However, the banana pudding that I’m accustomed to making and eating doesn’t exactly fit in with my new year’s plan of getting to ‘my best self.’
So, I researched ‘healthy banana pudding’ and may have to give this one a try…I’ll let all you pudding lovers know how it was.

Skinny Banana Pudding from GOODEness Gracious


My best cut:

So, I whacked my hair off a couple of weeks ago.
Yep-this short! Kelly Rippa-ish short!
If I’m being honest, I’m just tired of all the work and length and weight and on…and on…
Another one of my ‘resolutions’ is to make things or life more simple…this is a good start for me.
When I left the salon, it looked a lot like this…but, as we know, we can never do our hair as good as the professionals.
I’m still working on styling it to perfection…but I love the cut!
And, if I don’t, it will always grow out.

Adrianne Palicki Short Curlie Hairstyles Perfect Short Hairstyles for Oval Face


My favorite meal prep:

Going along with that ‘make things more simple’ resolution, I’ve been doing a lot of weekly meal preps.
Weekly meal prep makes my week less stressful when I already have all the groceries bought, veggies roasted/ cooked, and meals thought of.  This leaves time for more important things, like exercise and fitness (another one of my resolutions) and playing with the two pups!
With that said, I think I may have to give this ‘salad in a jar’ a try.
The only problem I have with this, and really any meal prep, is eating the same thing more than 2 times/ week.
It’s mental and I just can’t do it. I have to change it up…somehow…like taking the grilled chicken that I ate on Monday, then put on a salad on Wednesday, to in a stir fry on Thurday…changing the taste completely.
But, I’m willing to give this a try. I know this is perfect for those busy-ier people, than me…like with kids and those that have a commute and travel a lot for work.
(Note; be sure to follow her blog-it’s really good)

Mason Jar Asian Chicken Salad


I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Enjoy the ride!

Weekly wine down: For the last minute gifters

6 days.
Just in case you needed to be reminded…6 days is all you have left to do your Christmas shopping.
I am pretty much through with all my shopping, with the exception of a few easy items I want to pick up.
With that said, and the fact that it’s Friday, let’s wine down and start our holiday celebrations early!

To buy (for last-minute shopping):
If you have last-minute people to buy for, might I suggest you purchase something practical at this late point in the game?
How about an on-line gift card?
I know. Some people think gift cards are not personable. I totally disagree. Gift cards allow the person to get what they want…and I really like some of the gift cards below. They are my personal favorite retailers and a gift card from any of them would make me real happy!
It’s easy. Go to the website, buy the gift card online, and it emails the gift card to the recipient, to print or download to the phone.
How cool is that? You didn’t even have to leave your wine or get out of your pj’s.

You can even personalize your Starbucks card and select the amount of the gift you want. Plus, who doesn’t want (or need) more coffee in 2015?

For the hard to buy boyfriend, dad, or even boss….a Cabela’s gift card. No, you don’t have to have a Cabela’s store to shop the sportsman giant. You can shop online…a gift to make any guy happy. I envision Cabela’s is for men like the Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus is to women of the shopping world….heaven!

Athleta Gift Cards
For the fitness minded gal, she would love an Athleta gift card! LOVE! Take it from me…she would love this! Athleta makes top-notch and durable fitness attire. I don’t have many pieces, but the ones I do have are worth every penny! Definitely one of those items that you ‘get what you pay for’…in a good way.

Barnes & Noble
Got a reader in the family but you don’t have a local B&N store? No problem. Shop online and get them a gift card. No more guessing if they would like the book….they can purchase a book or use the gift card to download books! Whatever! Genius!

This is the perfect gift card, personally, because the recipient can get clothing, books, cookware, food, or even toilet paper. Whatever in the heck they want (or need, in the case of tp).

 To make life easier:
Because we all need life to be a little bit easier around the holidays, right? Well, how about hosting a party and making one of these easy crock pot appetizers?
They look delicious!

Slow-Cooker Appetizers | Cheesy Spinach-Artichoke Dip | MyRecipes.com


 To be the life of the party:
Isn’t this the cutest little Christmas party outfit? Chances are you may have most of the items in your closet (remember that black jacket I recommended you purchase?).
If not, Old Navy has sequin tops like this one for $6 right now!
If you only wear it once, then….it was $6! You can barely by a drink from Starbucks for that price!



To be festive:
Yum, yum!!! This looks tasty, minus that silly elf! (I can’t stand that stupid elf game thing-I don’t think my dogs would like that Elf either)

Gingerbread Martini


Happy weekend!

Make it a good one…doing what you do!!!!

Weekly wine down: fur and spirits can keep you warm

Brrr!! It’s cold!
Yea ,cold for us is in the 40’s. Hey, I live on the coast! What can I say!
Let’s warm up by the fire, with a glass of my favorite vino, and wine down with some internet favs:

To use again:
I did this kettle ball workout the other evening and man! Whew! It was a doozy but I really liked it.

To style:
Do you have a fur vest for the season yet?
I picked up this one in gray for $20 at TarJay.


I’ve mentioned before my desire to have a current trend but for a fraction of the cost. That way if I wear it for one season only, I don't feel like I completely wasted a lot of money.
this is one of my favorite fashion bloggers styling the fur vest-She’s cute and has great style.

To make:
These look really tasty. I think they are going on the menu soon.
Btw- I think I’ve mentioned her before but a really great and lightened up food blogger. She also has a fabulous and beautiful cookbook that would make a great Christmas gift for any food lover.


To juice:
Several of us are gearing up for a 5 day juice ‘restart’ on Monday. I’m more scared about dealing with no coffee and sugars for 5 days than drinking juice for meals. 😳
Oh well. It’s only 5 days right?
Better start searching for a couple more of these. ( carrots surprisingly make one of the best juice bases and this comes from a girl who’s never cared for carrots much)


And better double up on these this weekend since it’s also a no alcohol juice…….have a good one!


Weekly ‘wine’ down: A totty and a hot totty

Happy Friday!

We are headed out-of-town this weekend to visit with family. Yeah!

Plus, the pups will get to play with a new family member this weekend, as my dad got a puppy. That should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes.

But, first, let’s ‘wine’ down with some favorites from around the web!


I absolutely love following this fashion/ lifestyle blogger!
Not only is she my age (yes! trust me-it’s rare), married, and has no children but she’s very pretty, has naturally curly hair (like me), has 2 adorable pooches (that she got after losing one dear to her heart), and lives in a picturesque part of California, with mountains, and snow, and lakes, something I don’t see a lot of on the coast. We have a lot of similarities!
She occasionally comes up with these awesome DIY’s that, trust me, are not hard!
This one is too cute…the hard part will be finding a pair of shoes to do this with!
I agree with the blogger…these would be really cute for Christmas attire and parties!
And, be sure to scan through some of her fashion posts on her site (Very talented) and don’t forget to swoon at those cute adorable pups!

DIY Holiday Shoes // Pretty T-Straps with Ankle Bows


To watch (again):

We love SNL! We can’t stay up that late (and hate commercials) to watch it so we record it and watch it the next day.
Did you catch this skit last weekend?
It is absolutely hilarious and probably explains my condition…sometimes.
Her songs have a way of getting in your head and the next thing you know you are singing or humming it and you are like ‘WTH’?!?!?!?!?
Watch it! A guaranteed laugh.

Taylor swift


To store in my memory bank:

This is good info to know as I’m always curious if the store I’m about to walk into with the pooches actually allows pets.
I think I’m curious because if they ask me to leave (realizing I don’t take them inside stores with food-I know that’s wrong) I will in turn ask them why and could go off about how well-mannered and clean my pets are (more so than some adults).
I definitely need to remember this…because sometimes you can’t leave them in the car.

Image via Flickr


To eat:

One of my favorite food bloggers has turned out what looks like another great recipe!
I think I may have to put this on the menu next week!

Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice Casserole is totally cravable. Creamy, cheesy comfort food with a Mexican twist. #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com


That’s it! That’s all I got!
Let’s finish with a warm hot totty, since we have cooler temps, again!
Heck, I could be craving a pina colada next week with these crazy temps!

Clint Eastwood's son :O

Oops! No! Not that kind of ‘hot totty’…although he is hot! Nice stogie!
Btw-that’s Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s son! See the resemblance???!

cinnamon toast hot tottie :)

This kind of hot totty! This sounds delightfully warm and comforting…with a stogie, of course! 🙂

Weekly ‘wine down’: A wrap, a wine, and a warming soup!

Whew! What a busy, crazy week!
First, we a bunch (around 300, to be exact) of crazy, sugar driven kids knocking on my door, dressed as super hero’s, aliens, batman, and, the ever so popular, Elsa from Frozen all begging for more sugar. Bless their parents today!
Then, a HUGE college football rivalry game that brings a large crowd of drunk-en college kids and immature adults (wanting to be college kids again) to the sleepy island area.
Needless to say, it’s a big weekend for this around here….the biggest one will do:

I want a wine glass like Jules! This is the size wine glasses should really be.


With that large glass, let’s ‘wine’ down for the weekend and check out some of my favorite posts this week!

To recreate:

I love a good, soft maxi skirt or dress.
Since I sit on my ‘arse’ at the computer for work, this type of attire is perfect for me!
I love this look, using a maxi skirt with a soft sweater. Heck, I might could even pull off the tennis shoes with this!

Chambray + grey sweater + pleated maxi. Seersucker + Saddles stays nailing it.


To sew:

Ok…I may not sew.
But aren’t these the cutest little homemade t-shirts, sweaters and sweat shirts for the Pooch in your life, all made from old sweatshirts and sweaters.
If some of my great, sweet friends that know how to sew would like to offer to make me 2, I would greatly appreciate it.
Heck, I will even bake you something sweet in return.

35 DIY Dog Coats


To do (again):

I shared this workout blogger’s Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and decided to do one of her WOD’s (workouts of the day) one evening when I didn’t feel like going to the gym but the weather was too awesome to not do something.
I admit that it was hard and challenging but I really “got my sweaty on.”
Give it a try.

I want to share a few running workouts with weights that I have been doing lately.


To wrap:

Do you have a plaid or buffalo check scarf for winter this year?
It seems it’s a must as they are everywhere.I’ve seen some less expensive versions in Old Navy, Target and TJ.
Remember I posted that scarf tutorial a couple of weeks ago?
I need to go back and watch it again.
I plan on wearing one of these….today!!!! Woo hoo!

red oversize plaid scarf, mocha cardigan #swoonboutiqueBrown leather skirt, chunky ivory sweater and plaid scarf. Simple and chic outfit idea.45 Fall Looks I'm Loving {The Weekly Round UP} - This Silly Girl's LifeThis Silly Girl's Life


To warm the body:

I made this last year and it was tasty!
I love a homemade tomato soup, with some cheese and more cheese.
Since it’s cooler (actually, cold-only for a couple of days), I may have to make this!

Creamy Tomato Orzo Soup Recipe on twopeasandtheirpod.com Love this creamy tomato soup that is made with Greek yogurt! #soup


That’s all I got!
Have a super weekend!!!!!

Weekly ‘wine down’: A clothing staple, a tea, and a snack

Can you believe it’s mid-October already?
I won’t give you the “x amount” of days until Christmas (because, honestly I don’t care) but I will tell you that ALL stores now have Christmas stuff out!
Anyone else feel my pain!?!?!?!?!

Oh well…let’s wine down with some fun internet finds this week:

To imitate:
I love following this home, decorating, and lifestyle blogger.
I’m not sure if it’s her calming, cottage style; her adorable dogs; or that fact that she lives on the Oregon coast that I love!
Maybe I just like to see inside people’s homes, which I do! I love to get decorating ideas!
So, see that cute floral piece on her mantel? Yea…I’m going to be recreating that come Winter!
And who wouldn’t love to cuddle up to this fireplace? That panel backboard above the fireplace could be a ‘honey do’ very soon!
Check out her blog. It’s very inspirational!

Fall Nights - Cozy Family Room - The Inspired Room


To snack on:
Yet, another Halloween candy snack mix…except this one is SUPER simple!
Throw the ingredients in the bowl and call it done!!!
I’m thinking the chocolate pretzel-coconut-almond-marshmallow one needs to ‘get in my belly’!

Halloween Snack Mixes


To take…daily:
So, it’s cold and flu season. No surprise there.
I’m taking this stuff daily in an effort to NOT get the horrible cold that I always get in the Fall.
The fall cold puts me down for a week and drives me insane!
When I’m sick, I realize how much I like and enjoy being busy (working out, getting outside, working, etc…). I’m a miserable human being.
So, this is the new daily routine.
The pharmacist recommended this and I’ve taken it before.
I know from personal experience that it can (1) prevent colds and (2) shorten the duration of colds if you get one.
It has huge amounts of vitamin C, Echinacea, elderberry, zinc, and lots of other key vitamins.
You can order it off of Amazon, Swanson Vitamins, or you probably can pick it up in your local grocery store or CVS or Walgreens.
Hey…this combined with washing my hands constantly (and the use of an occasional face mask-just kidding…maybe), should do the trick.


To wear:
Every lady needs a structured black blazer in her closet.
You can go from office to hot dinner date with one simple little piece of clothing.
I personally love a black blazer over a dress, with jeans, with a crisp white button shirt and a pencil skirt,pair it with a scarf, leggings and boots etc…heck, it’s even cute with shorts!
I just picked up one (brand Express) from TJ today! $24.99 WINNER!!!
Here are some examples of styling, but, seriously, just type in black blazer outfits in Pinterest. Tons of options!
light blue jeans - white tee - black blazer - black sandals - leopard clutchI have been wearing this outfit for years.  It will never go out of style. Jeans, boots, white shirt and navy blazer."Red and Black" Black blazer Black Jeans Red ballet flats Red leather purse Black and white stripes Red multi strand necklace  Red bracelet  Red earrings


To drink:
Have you tried Chai tea?
Maybe the one from Starbucks?
Well, I bought this at the local grocery the other day and it is fantastic, both hot and cold!
I went back for more this week and apparently everyone else thought it was good, too! GONE!
It says to mix with 1/2 tea and 1/2 milk but I found that to be a little too milk-y for my liking. So, I lessened the amount of milk (tried both 1/2 & 1/2 and almond milk-both tasty).
A seasonal, non-alcoholic favorite!
I know…what’s wrong with me? 🙂

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrate, 32 Fl Oz - http://teacoffeestore.com/oregon-chai-tea-latte-concentrate-32-fl-oz/

That’s it!
Happy weekend!

Be sure to comment here (or on Facebook) and share and like on Facebook!

Enjoy the journey, friends!

As normal, all my recommendations are my own opinions-I was not compensated by any company for any of the products listed. I simply love them all!

Weekly ‘wine down’: Cookies and spice and all things nice!

That was a quick week!
I must say I’m glad as it didn’t start off very well (a short burst of a nasty stomach virus) and then allergy problems to finish off the week.

So, let’s ‘wine down’ and highlight some of the blog world/ pinterest world/ internet world favorites of the week.

To make:

How cute is this wreath for fall? And it looks so easy!
I think last week I might have hinted at a different wreath DIY project.
That didn’t happen (along with a lot of other things last weekend).
But, I got to thinking and measuring and the apple wreath won’t fit on my front door.
Ever since my wonderful handy-man husband installed a glass front door, I have a problem hanging wreaths on the door. Basically, I can’t. They won’t fit between the glass door and wood door.
So, I need something slim.
This looks like it may work and I saw some wheat at the grocery store the other day.

Fall Wheat Sheave Wreath



To wear:

I love pinning fashion pictures, especially for fall. I mostly use them for inspiration, and work it into something I already have in my closet.
The pictures and fashion bloggers just make me not have to think as much, and I like that!

30 Stylish Fall Outfits For Work To Steal | Styleoholic




To plan:

I cannot believe it’s 3 months until yet another Christmas!
I think this year I will just leave my tree decorated with a sheet over it.
That’s festive, right?
Last year my mom and I made homemade Bailey’s Irish Creme for some special friends for Christmas, all the while indulging in a little bit myself.
I really enjoyed making the drink and putting it in cute little festive mason jars, while listening to some great Christmas tunes (Michael Buble)!
I’ve got some ideas for this year but they require a little planning and ‘make ahead.’
This site has some great ideas!

12 Holiday gifts that arent cookies from 100 Days of Real Food


To bake:

The likelihood of me making these this weekend is 99%, probably to enjoy with my wine tomorrow evening while I ‘wine down’!
I’ve been craving a homemade cookie…a new recipe… but haven’t came across a recipe that I felt like I must try.
I picked up all the ingredients at the grocery the other evening (not the GF flour-intend on using a mix of whole wheat and AP flour instead) and intend on filling the house with spice goodness smells (with the windows open because it is suppose to be true FALL weather here this weekend-yes!)

Soft Batch Apple Cider Gingersnap Cookies are soft, chewy and apple-cider spiked! #glutenfree | iowagirleats.com




To inspire:

I pre-ordered this cookbook on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and I received it in the mail this week!
Don’t you just love getting gifts in the mail, especially those you kind of forgot about? 🙂
I absolutely love this food blogger’s website, full of easy, healthy and low calorie, full of flavor, creative and beautiful recipes.
I’ve made many and enjoyed all!
So, to find that she has a cookbook…well, I had to have it! Plus, free shipping with Amazon Prime!
I also want Ina Garten’s new cookbook, but it’s not out yet.
I may save that one for Santa (not likely).
Check out the Skinnytaste website and recipe listings.
They are tasty and very easy!

150 Recipes that are Light on Calories, Big on Flavor! Pre-order yours today on Amazon, Target, B&N or wherever books are sold.


To decorate:

Actually, I already bought some of these cute little velvet pumpkins and did a little fall decorating (that’s all I did last weekend-lots of couch time)!
I looked to purchase a few of these cuties last year (at TJ Maxx, of course-I mean, where else would I shop?) but only found 1.
So, when I saw 3-4 other styles/ sizes/ colors there a couple of weeks ago, I snatched them up!
They actually sell these on Etsy (which I totally love and support), if you can’t find at TJ or aren’t a Maxxinista (to which I’m not sure we can still be friends! :).

Love these!I make fabric pumpkins every year- I love them so much I even teach my art students! Can't wait to make these!


That’s all I got!
Enjoy your nice, cool fall weekend!

the quintessential autumn drink. Though I am pretty sure this is exactly what Smirnoff had in mind when they created caramel vodka. 1 part Smirnoff caramel vodka, 2 parts Simply Apple Juice. #Totalwine

(doesn’t this look divine?!?!? No recipe-just add caramel flavored vodka and Simply Apple juice-who knew they make caramel flavored vodka!!!!)

Weekly wine- down: All things fall

Friday! Friday!
Let’s pour a glass of our favorite vino, tip our hats to another great week gone by, and recap some of our favorite stories, blogs, recipes, tips, etc.. that I came across!
Join me!
We will call it ‘wine- down’, but in reality we will be ‘winding down’, (maybe with wine 🍷), in preparation for a fabulous, and hopefully relaxing, weekend, with a splash of afternoon naps!
That’s my idea of a perfect weekend!
Yep, I’m old!

All links have been provided,  for you to pin or bake or buy for later!

To eat or not to eat:
Yes, it’s fall and that means

Everything Pumpkin Is Upon Us! > Garden of Life's Blog > Home


 But it does not mean this

 The Fall Oreo Flavor Is Exactly What You Thought (Hoped?!) It Would Be



Sorry-That’s just gross! Go homemade on this one!

To wear and what not to wear:
Let’s start with the ‘not’, first!
Again, yes, it’s fall and could be potential sweater weather ( not here in the South). However, there’s never a reason to dress this way:

Here Kitty Kitty - Cats will like you even more with this sweatshirt on

That’s just wrong!
In fact, that’s taking your pets to a whole new level (don’t worry-I will never be in a shih-tzu sweater)!
Never, ever wear this…even for my crazy cat friends (you know who you are!)!

Instead, look at this awesome scarf tying video. 25 ways to tie a scarf! Definitely a pin for later!



This looks super cute and easy. I wonder if spray paint would work ( because I’m a cut corners kind of girl!):

Customize orchard baskets with Vintage Decor! Such a great idea. #DIY #Customized #ForTheHome



To bake:
I must have a party/ get together, ASAP, to make this fabulous looking cake, that appears to be easy to make (could be a pinterest fail for me-I will let you know):

Candy Corn Cake


Is that not the prettiest and best looking cake ever!?!?!?!?


To try:
I love this hair twist. I see this happening…. On a Wednesday (of course-see previous blog)…. In my very near future

The Three-Step French Twist


To buy:
Loafers are hot for the fall! Leopard loafers…. Even hotter!

Leopard Loafers



Update…..Got some. At target. $30. Love it!!!! And they even have cute tassels! (I couldn’t find them on there website to provide a link-but they had them in store)


That’s all I got for this week!


Have a good weekend all!
Have a glass of wine (or champagne!) for me!


Hudson Valley Royale: (Kir Royale made with local products!) Start with  1/4 to 1/2 oz. Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery's Black Currant Cordial in the bottom of a champagne  flute, slowly pour Brotherhood Blanc de Blancs into the flute, holding glass at an angle, a beautiful cocktail to look at and it tastes delicious!

Wildcard Wednesday:Let’s be real

Let’s be real….and talk hair.
I’ve pretty much always maintained my hair at least shoulder length, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter (we won’t go there).
That length just seems to be a great length for my face, along with the fact that I exercise several days per week and CANNOT stand for my hair to be on my neck when I’m sweating (ladies that wear their hair down to the gym, all fixed and cute, baffles me-they must not sweat or get as hot as I do…that’s all I’m saying 🙂 ).
Okay….if I’m being real and honest….I’m lazy and wear my hair up in a ponytail, twist, bun, etc.. at least 3 times/ week.
Seriously, my hair takes work (take the unruly curl out then put manageable curls back in).
It has always been work, probably always will, and by Thursday, I’m totally over it.

The Pros And Cons Of Having Curly Hair: An Illustrated Take --- My life...in a nutshell


That’s exactly how I feel about my hair! (actually the link to buzz feed is pretty hilarious-so true about my hair-check it out)

With that said, I found an excellent hair/ fashion/ lifestyle blogger on Facebook.
She’s actually a former hairstylist out of NC turned full-time mom to one (and expecting one) and full-time blogger (yes, you can make money doing this-me, no money yet).

Shes’ Kate from ‘The Small Things Blog.’
She has a huge internet, Facebook, and instagram following (see the link to follow at the bottom) and has a great, easy to maneuver website.
She’s wrote hair styling or product articles; created hair tutorials; and tested make-up, not only for her website but also for several magazines (Real Simple) and make up companies.
Apparently, her blog is doing well enough that she decided to make it her full-time job!
The most impressive thing is she’s down to earth and appears to be really sweet. (disclaimer: I’ve gathered all this insight from reading her weekly posts-I do not know her personally but feel like I do).

So, I began viewing and trying out some of her video tutorials, especially those involving either pulling the hair up off the neck or away from my face.
Trust me, they are really easy, quick, explanatory, and you can pin them to pinterest for those days when you are tired of doing the same old stuff to your hair.

I’ve done this one:


the mid knot tutorial-thesmallthingsblog.com

This one…..


casual half up-thesmallthingsblog.com

and this one….


messy bun with a twist-thesmallthingsblog.com

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of any of them when I did them.
But, I do remember getting a lot of compliments and questions on them.
She’s a really great blogger/ hairstylist and I highly recommend you start following her on Facebook or subscribe to her emails.


Let me know or post pictures to my Facebook page if you try any of these styles out.
I’m curious to know what you think!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or reimbursed for promoting this blogger or page-she doesn’t even know who I am-but I think a lot of her blog and want to share it with my friends-this post is purely editorial and my own opinions