Serve up some cuteness Christmas morning

Have you given any thought to what you may cook on Christmas morning for breakfast?
Tradition for us is to have a mid morning breakfast/ brunch and then do an early Christmas dinner, likely some soup.
Our big dinner is Christmas Eve and on this year’s menu is roasted chicken; carrots and quinoa; sweet potato stackers; green beans; bread; and petite cheesecakes for dessert.
The plan is to keep everything healthy and good…right down to the skinny cheesecakes. We shall see….

But, all bets are off for brunch!

So, if you are in search of a recipe for Christmas morning, I have some ideas (some new, some tried and true):

Christmas Morning Breakfast Idea: Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree- cute idea #christmas  #holiday #holidayfood

How cute is this Cinnamon roll Christmas tree? You wouldn’t even have to go to the extra work of making homemade cinnamon rolls (although your family and friends would lovvvveee you for it). You could go the can cinnamon roll route, to save time (and heartache).

1st Annual North Pole Breakfast! Can't wait to do this the morning we ride the North Pole Flyer :)))

Again, is this not adorable and would your kids not think you are the best?

Possible breakfast tradition for Christmas morning? Could serve with hot cocoa or coffee.

I DO NOT condone powdered sugar doughnuts…EVER…but this was too cute to pass up!
I guess for one day out of the year…we can let the sugar and processed contents of this ‘snack’ slide! (Remember: It’s not breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…you are setting yourself up for sugar overload all day)

Christmas Coffee Cocktail | Perfect for Christmas morning or after a holiday meal

For the adults on Christmas morning, I present to you this delectable concoction, two of my loves: Coffee and amaretto liqueur! (I’m pinning this now! Yum!)

Last but definitely not least….

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole

This is one of my favorites!
I’m not even kidding!!!!
Put everything in the crock pot the night before….let it cook and fill the house with delightful smells all night…and eat the next morning!
It’s a Christmas miracle!!!!!!
I promise…you won’t be disappointed. Divine!

Hope you find these helpful…share with me now……

What are your Christmas traditions?

Be sure to post your yummies to my Facebook page. I would love to see your traditions!

Let me know what you thought of this post. Be nice. Karma is a bitch.

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