What do you mean there’s no coffee?!?!?!?!?

So I didn’t exactly get a ‘meaningful Monday’ post up yesterday. Oops!
Honestly, I was too busy working on my juice experiment and thinking about all the delicious chicken, egg, and veggie dishes I plan on having come Saturday.
Jk….sort of.
So, myself and 2 other victims ( I mean followers) are doing a 5 day juice reset, or detox if you will.


Basically, you drink 4 juices per day ( 2 in the form of juices that you throw in the blender to make a hearty smoothie) and you can have an avocado, banana, decaf teas ( preferably peppermint), and a raw vegan bar if you need it.
I’ve consumed each, on every day. 🙂
I’m sure you are thinking that this sounds like too little amount of food for nourishment but honestly I haven’t been as hungry as I thought I would be.
We know that veggies and fruits, in its purest form, are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.
Sure, I may not be getting as much protein as I would with eggs or chicken but I won’t go ‘protein deficient’ in just 5 days!
I can tell you this much. When its time for a juice, it’s time for a juice for blood sugar maintenance. My grogginess tells me so!
Here’s what I can’t have: sugars and caffeine.
Yea…. Caffeine.


This may have been my face on Monday morning…or Tuesday.
No sugars or caffeine has definitely been the hardest part of this experiment.
Finally, at the end of day 2, I have shaken the withdrawal headache, for either sugars or caffeine or both, and finally feel good (which could be from the 1/2 cup of unsweetened black tea I had around 3 pm today-I needed it, BAD!).
In fact, I felt good enough to go to the gym and exercise tonight.
Anyway, why am I doing this , you ask?
Not to lose weight but to (1) gain control of my sugar and caffeine habit and (2) because I love a good challenge!.

Habits can be broken
Mine is not a pretty habit.
Coffee in the morning, tea at lunch, iced coffee in the afternoon, and sweets ( several pieces of candy) in the afternoon.
This has been my world for the last couple of months. Plus too much bread, Halloween candy (darn candy corn), and birthday cake (delicious but I felt like I shouldn’t waste not ONE.SINGLE.PIECE), all of which are loaded with sugars!
Sure…my coffee has 1 teaspoon of sugar; my tea is half unsweetened and half sweet; and my iced coffee, which I make, has 1 teaspoon of sugar.
This has been my justification…..but all that adds up!!!
I’ve been trying really hard to eat right and healthy and exercise 5x/ week and have made significant progress.
But if I continue to eat sugars like I’ve been doing, then my efforts will go unnoticed, by me. The work will not be effective if I don’t have my eating on target.

Challenge or change is good
So, I’ve put myself up to this challenge.
I’m resetting my body.
I’ve done a reset before, with fruit and veggie smoothies, but only for 3 days. So I know what goes along with this….the withdrawal headaches, dreams of great foods, etc…

So far I’ve realized just how much cooking and eating healthy foods plays a role in my life and, honestly, how much I miss cooking.
I enjoy trying new recipes. It’s what I do when I come home from the gym in the evenings.
A juice doesn’t take that long to make….then what? Nothing is on tv. Heck, I may as well go to bed.

The future of juicing for me
With that said,I won’t be going to an all juice diet after this 5 day challenge.
I enjoy cooking and eating real food with substance and texture and I enjoy experimenting with healthy recipes.
But I would like to get into a routine of having one juice per day, likely in the morning, and having only 1/2 cup of coffee per day.
No tea. No extra coffee in the afternoon and to limit my sugars to 1 or 2 weekend splurges.
That should be a challenge in itself.

So, tell me, would you ever participate in a juice of this nature? For 3 days or 5?

What kind of challenges do you like or would you like to see here?


Stay tuned for another follow up on Thursday (or Friday)!

Juice on people!

10 Easy Juicing Recipes for Beginners. #juicing #prolificliving @Prolific Living


Btw-If yuu are just getting started on juicing, or want to, this is a great, basic juice to start with-it’s super sweet and tasty! Just a hint of the ginger takes the juice up a notch. Trust me…I promise.


Disclaimer: As with everything, the opinions are all my own. I was not compensated for doing this 5 day juice. My grogginess was created solely by myself.


Let me know what you thought of this post. Be nice. Karma is a bitch.

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