Weekly wine down: fur and spirits can keep you warm

Brrr!! It’s cold!
Yea ,cold for us is in the 40’s. Hey, I live on the coast! What can I say!
Let’s warm up by the fire, with a glass of my favorite vino, and wine down with some internet favs:

To use again:
I did this kettle ball workout the other evening and man! Whew! It was a doozy but I really liked it.

To style:
Do you have a fur vest for the season yet?
I picked up this one in gray for $20 at TarJay.


I’ve mentioned before my desire to have a current trend but for a fraction of the cost. That way if I wear it for one season only, I don't feel like I completely wasted a lot of money.
this is one of my favorite fashion bloggers styling the fur vest-She’s cute and has great style.

To make:
These look really tasty. I think they are going on the menu soon.
Btw- I think I’ve mentioned her before but a really great and lightened up food blogger. She also has a fabulous and beautiful cookbook that would make a great Christmas gift for any food lover.


To juice:
Several of us are gearing up for a 5 day juice ‘restart’ on Monday. I’m more scared about dealing with no coffee and sugars for 5 days than drinking juice for meals. 😳
Oh well. It’s only 5 days right?
Better start searching for a couple more of these. ( carrots surprisingly make one of the best juice bases and this comes from a girl who’s never cared for carrots much)


And better double up on these this weekend since it’s also a no alcohol juice…….have a good one!


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