Meaningful Monday: Don’t crash

Welcome to the start of a new week, gang!

I watched a 13 minute video on you tube the other day about weight loss and thought I would share the contents with you.

The video is titled ‘How to Lose Fat and Keep it Off’, by Dr. Layne Norton , PhD Nutritional Science.

I so wish I had seen this years ago when I went from one crash diet to the next.

I highly recommend you watch it. However, if you don’t have the time, the highlights are below, with my commentary (of course).

First, let me state one thing.

I realize I present to you a lot of videos and information on a daily basis. You may see this as information overload.

So be it.

However, my theory on all of the information that I read and watch is this: read it and take away something….small or large…life changing or not.

No, you don’t have to believe everything you read or see on my page or the internet. It’s the internet…who does?

But, you can be informed and educated.

With that, here’s what I learned:

  • Crash diets do NOT work for the long-term
  • America doesn’t have a ‘weight loss’ problem-we have a ‘weight maintenance’ problem-we can lose weight, we just can’t keep it off
  • 80% of people who went on a crash diet gained that weight back in one year and 1/3-2/3 of those people put more back on than they lost(My commentary:I did a lot of this in my 20’s-I won’t say that I ever put a lot more back on than I lost but I definitely gained all back that I lost)
  • (My commentary: this is key and you really have to stop and think about what he’s saying for it to sink in) Studies have shown that the # of times you diet in your life is directly proportionate to the amount of fat you gain over the same period of time (My commentary: Meaning that you if you’ve dieted 10 times in your life, which isn’t that far-fetched, then you’ve likely gained 10 lbs in that time frame that you dieted)
  • the focus should be to lose the fat but to also maintain the fat loss

don't "diet," just eat healthy. it's better than going on any crash diet, which can ultimately lead to weight gain.

So, you say….well, yes, I want to lost the fat but how?

He goes on to explain…

  • the most effective diets are the ones you can stick to for the long haul.. 6 months, even years-if you can’t envision yourself on the diet 6 mos. to 1 year from now, then you will likely rebound (My commentary: Therefore, if you are trying to lose fat and are on a very unrealistic, non sustainable 1000-1200 calorie diet per day, with exercise, this will never work for the long haul-most people do not have that much will power to sustain this kind of lifestyle)
  • the slower you lose the weight, the more likely you are to keep it off-restrictive diets (My commentary: like I mentioned in the 1000-1200 calories/ day are considered to be restrictive…maybe even ultra restrictive)
  • consistency is key to weight loss (My commentary: very, VERY important-stick to something-don’t bounce from one crash diet, i.e. grapefruit diet, to the next diet, i.e. Atkins)
  • the most preferred weight loss method (in his opinion) is to eat a ratio of carbs, protein and fat,  which is called ‘flexible dieting’ or counting your macros-( My commentary: you can search on ‘carbs/ protein/ fat for weight loss’ and there are tons of links-for the serious-minded exercise or fitness followers, I would recommend looking at this one or this one-find the one that works best for you, your habits, your body type, and lifestyle-take into account your goals; your level of intensity and exercise; enter your macro information into a database to track your carbs, fat, and protein, like My Fitness Pal-it’s not a perfect app but it’s a good start)
  • if you are eating right, watching your carbs, fats, and protein, and moving/ exercising, then have the piece of birthday cake…or the glass of wine…just not the entire bottle (every night) or the entire cake-don’t deprive yourself or you are setting yourself up for failure, rebound, and weight gain ( My commentary: this goes along with my eating right 80% of the time and 20% of the time enjoying myself)
  • the pace at which you lose the weight does not matter-consistency is key


So, what one piece of information did you take away from this article?

I think the most important concept that I needed to hear (again) is that ‘consistency is key.’

You are worth more than a weight loss gimmick. Invest in yourself!

Find a lifestyle of eating that works for you for the long haul…not just tomorrow or next week.

My husband said something key the other day (although I would never tell him) that really put our lifestyle and eating into perspective:

“We don’t have a bad lifestyle (or diet, if you will)…we have a bad meal (occasionally)”

Sometimes the bad meal (or choice, per say) can be helped (as in ‘we should have made the better choice that was available’) and sometimes there is no other choice (i.e., we had a hot dog at a music concert not too long ago-it was a toss-up between a mystery meat burger…or hotdog…and we all know what they are made of, right? 🙂   )

In closing, try to provide meaning to your meals this week…plan them out…don’t have a bad lifestyle/ diet, maybe just an occasional bad meal!

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition

One of my favorite quotes

Have a great Monday

Disclaimers: As always, I have referenced the video and links in my blog, giving credit where credit is due-statements are direct quotes from the video and my commentary is in italics-my commentary is totally my opinions, formed from reading, researching, and learning about eating right for the long term-I was not compensated for reviewing this article-I simply enjoyed the video and thought I would share

Before you begin an exercise program, be sure and consult with a doctor first


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