Weekly ‘wine down’: A wrap, a wine, and a warming soup!

Whew! What a busy, crazy week!
First, we a bunch (around 300, to be exact) of crazy, sugar driven kids knocking on my door, dressed as super hero’s, aliens, batman, and, the ever so popular, Elsa from Frozen all begging for more sugar. Bless their parents today!
Then, a HUGE college football rivalry game that brings a large crowd of drunk-en college kids and immature adults (wanting to be college kids again) to the sleepy island area.
Needless to say, it’s a big weekend for this around here….the biggest one will do:

I want a wine glass like Jules! This is the size wine glasses should really be.


With that large glass, let’s ‘wine’ down for the weekend and check out some of my favorite posts this week!

To recreate:

I love a good, soft maxi skirt or dress.
Since I sit on my ‘arse’ at the computer for work, this type of attire is perfect for me!
I love this look, using a maxi skirt with a soft sweater. Heck, I might could even pull off the tennis shoes with this!

Chambray + grey sweater + pleated maxi. Seersucker + Saddles stays nailing it.


To sew:

Ok…I may not sew.
But aren’t these the cutest little homemade t-shirts, sweaters and sweat shirts for the Pooch in your life, all made from old sweatshirts and sweaters.
If some of my great, sweet friends that know how to sew would like to offer to make me 2, I would greatly appreciate it.
Heck, I will even bake you something sweet in return.

35 DIY Dog Coats


To do (again):

I shared this workout blogger’s Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and decided to do one of her WOD’s (workouts of the day) one evening when I didn’t feel like going to the gym but the weather was too awesome to not do something.
I admit that it was hard and challenging but I really “got my sweaty on.”
Give it a try.

I want to share a few running workouts with weights that I have been doing lately.


To wrap:

Do you have a plaid or buffalo check scarf for winter this year?
It seems it’s a must as they are everywhere.I’ve seen some less expensive versions in Old Navy, Target and TJ.
Remember I posted that scarf tutorial a couple of weeks ago?
I need to go back and watch it again.
I plan on wearing one of these….today!!!! Woo hoo!

red oversize plaid scarf, mocha cardigan #swoonboutiqueBrown leather skirt, chunky ivory sweater and plaid scarf. Simple and chic outfit idea.45 Fall Looks I'm Loving {The Weekly Round UP} - This Silly Girl's LifeThis Silly Girl's Life


To warm the body:

I made this last year and it was tasty!
I love a homemade tomato soup, with some cheese and more cheese.
Since it’s cooler (actually, cold-only for a couple of days), I may have to make this!

Creamy Tomato Orzo Soup Recipe on twopeasandtheirpod.com Love this creamy tomato soup that is made with Greek yogurt! #soup


That’s all I got!
Have a super weekend!!!!!


Let me know what you thought of this post. Be nice. Karma is a bitch.

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