Wildcard Wednesday: Why juice?

There’s a new health channel in town.
Food Matters TV…or FMTV.
Have you heard of it?
Likely not because 1) it’s not included in your standard cable package and 2) you have to subscribe to it for, I think for around $10/ month, more than Netflix.
Hopefully, in the future, some of the shows and programs will either be available for free or on Netflix.

Anyway, it’s a total health channel, devoted to movies about exercise, health, and eating right.
I do subscribe to the email service and last week they were offering a week of free movie previews.
I’ve only watched one movie so far and it was all about juicing!!!!

3 medium carrots 1/2 small, ripe pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into pieces 1 large orange, peeled and cut into pieces


(this one looks really tasty-surprisingly, carrot juice is one of the best)

The movie:

I chose to watch “The Big Juice Experiment: Super Juice Me” by Jason Vale.


The movie is centered around 8 people, all ages,  from around the world with combined total of 22 chronic diseases among them, consisting of: diabetes, ulcerative colitis, asthma, allergies, Chron’s disease, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and lupus.
Yea…bad stuff.

Most of the ‘patients; (as I will call them) are in pretty bad or dire (desperate) shape; taking a series or boat load of prescription medicines on a daily basis, none of which seems to be helping; and all are overweight and relatively unhealthy.

The ‘patients’ are to stay at a ranch in Spain for 28 days (nothing like Biggest Loser with it’s extreme exercise programs) in which they are to eat & drink only juices as prepared by the ranch; exercise and move daily; and basically, heal their body to hopefully rid it of ailments and medicines.
Basically, they are reclaiming their health!

What struck me most about all 8 patients is there will and want to make a change…to want to get off all the drugs…to want to lose weight…and the willingness to give 28 days of juicing a try.

Why juice?

Experts in the movie (which consisted mostly of Doctor’s, Nutritionists, and dietitians), proclaim the following about juicing:

  • as we eat processed foods, we are impairing our digestive tracts-fresh, natural juices of veggies and fruits repair those digestive tracts by allowing the nutrients from the juices to get absorbed in our tracts
  • Juices remove the toxicity from the body, enabling you to feel better, faster-definitely something we all strive for
  • weight loss reduces inflammation, increases vitality and energy-juicing does all 3 of these

It goes on to explain how we as a society are addicted to fat, sugar and salt, much like a crack addict; that traditional Dr.’s treat the symptoms of an illness, not the cause; drugs are a toxin; and that inflammation is the root cause of all disease.

Some of this is not new information …in fact, I’ve even talked about some of these areas on the blog before.

But the one thing they did say that I kind of ‘latched on to’ and made me think is one specialist said ‘we are the only creatures that cook our foods, meaning you don’t see a gorilla with a BBQ. ‘

Hmmm…..I like a good grilled piece of chicken and some roasted vegetables but I definitely see his point on this….cook the items and lose some of the nutrients, where, if you juice in the raw, you get all the nutrients.

The results of the experiment & my perspective

Every single patient

  • lost weight, some significantly
  • had a decrease in BP levels
  • had lowered cholesterol levels
  • showed no diabetic indicators or symptoms at the end of 28 days
  • had no symptoms of sleep apnea (a direct result of weight loss)
  • showed no asthmatic or allergy symptoms
  • all were able to remove some level of their prescription drugs

Was the experiment hard for the patients?

Absolutely! Yea, 28 days of juicing would be hard, even if you had someone make a different juice for you every day!

However, it appeared that the patients thought the results of the experiment far outweighed the struggles.
In fact, many of the patients incorporated some sort of juicing plan into their regular daily routine, continuing to see results long after the experiment.

I enjoyed the movie, although I thought it was a little long (which I relinquished by fast forwarding through the slow parts).

I really enjoyed seeing how happy and healthy the patients became at the end of 28 days.
It seems that this was a last resort for a few of them and to be able to ditch some or all of there drugs…drugs the traditional Dr.’s said they would have to take forever…brought complete happiness to them.

I am a believer that a lot of our ailments and diseases (especially chronic) are brought on by our lifestyle and food choices and that you can reverse the problems through proper nutrition and diet.

If nothing else, the movie made me think more about including more veggies in my diet, and even including juicing more, which I already try to do at least 2/ week.

And, good news for you…there’s still time to see this movie and a couple of more interesting ones (as there’s an encore presentation starting over the weekend).

Go to the website, register your email, and you can watch the movies for free! https://www.fmtv.com/watch/super-juice-me

My questions to you:

1-Would you ever do a juice of this nature?

2-What do you think of the juice experiments?


 I’m seriously contemplating a week of juicing in the near future. I just need to determine when…is anyone interested in participating to see how much better you could feel; to see if you could shed some pounds; and to see if you could shed some ailments and maybe reverse the clock?

Let me know your responses and thought on juicing!

A video:  Kris Carr teaches you how to make her favorite green juice recipe, answers green juice FAQs and shares her green juice recipe infographic.


(this is a really good source for juicing recipes-I’ve tried a few and they are seriously delicious)


As always, the opinions are my own-I was not compensated to watch or review this film-All references have links attached for the original article





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