Meaningful Monday: Practice

Hi gang!

I watched a movie on Netflix over the weekend I thought I would share.

Btw-We love Netflix (all you can watch $7.99/month) and practically despise syndicated network television.

Gone are the days of ‘funny’ sitcoms like Friends, Seinfeld, and Will and Grace!

Anyway…..about that great movie on Netflix…..

As you might guess from the title, it’s a movie about being happy, or learning how to be happy!
Weird, I know, but it was really great!
It highlights why people are happy; what makes people happy (which may surprise you in some parts of the world); why you may not be happy; and the steps to take to work towards being happy.
I highly recommend it!

I absolutely LOVE watching ‘feel good’ movies that I can learn something from and take away something from!

Here are some of my favorite parts of the movie, without giving too much away:

  1. physical activity (like exercising, hiking, swimming, walking, etc…) increases your dopamine levels which increases your happiness levels-see, I knew there was another reason why you should be exercising!
  2. Happiness in a person is 50% genetic (scary), 40% determined by your surroundings and things you do, and 10% determined by experiences you create-I’m not too fond of these statistics so I am going to work extremely hard on that 10%!
  3. A few ‘keys to happiness’ are one’s ability to recover from adversity more quickly (the movie provides a powerful example) and having the support and love of family and friends (the movie also provides a heartwarming, tear jerking story of one man’s fight to provide love and a sense of care to the sick, homeless people of India–really emotional and makes you stop and think about what you have and how you live your life)
  4. Japan is the least happy country-see the movie for why…but here’s a hint ….WWII
  5. Once you start showing gratitude, compassion, and care for other individual’s besides yourself, then you start thinking of things bigger than yourself-these are known as ‘spiritual emotions’
  6. Being happy is a skill, much like riding a bike or playing golf-you have to practice being happy-practice to cultivate happiness and altruism
  7. The things we ‘love to do’, not ‘have to do’, are the building blocks of a happy life-we must play, experience new things, stay in contact with friends and family, and do more meaningful things
  8. The more happiness you have, the more everybody else has-I think that’s part of the ‘give back’ movement-share the love and happiness 🙂
  9. You can be happy, even in dire, complicated, or even horrible situations-but you can rise above and in the end, be happy (the movie provide another powerful example)

Lord, please help me teach my children this!!! I can't do it alone....

I know a lot of my friends (and readers) are volunteers, either through social organizations, work, or church.
I definitely think that by volunteering and showing compassion and love to individuals not as fortunate as you, creates happiness. If I had children, they would be volunteering, on some level.

As a volunteer, who  hasn’t had one of those moments, when leaving the volunteer site, where your heart felt warm because you knew you brightened someones’ day or helped someone?
I know I have experienced these moments and those are the things I remember the most. They brought me happiness and my happiness was shared. 🙂

I highly recommend this movie to all my friends; their children (it would be great for kids-no vulgar language or scenes); church groups; social groups; etc….!

I think #6, practice being happy, is my favorite piece of the movie and the thing I will take away and work on!

What do you think of the items above?

Will you watch this movie?

What do you do to ‘practice being happy’?

Let’s try to practice being happy this week.

Share with me your experiences of what makes you happy?

And, if you watch the movie, tell me what you think!


Sunday's Inspirational Quote & Song for the Day!


 All of the recommendations are 100% my own opinion-I was not in any way compensated for watching or reviewing this movie-links to the movie are provided-I simply enjoyed it and wanted to share




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