Weekly ‘wine down’: A clothing staple, a tea, and a snack

Can you believe it’s mid-October already?
I won’t give you the “x amount” of days until Christmas (because, honestly I don’t care) but I will tell you that ALL stores now have Christmas stuff out!
Anyone else feel my pain!?!?!?!?!

Oh well…let’s wine down with some fun internet finds this week:

To imitate:
I love following this home, decorating, and lifestyle blogger.
I’m not sure if it’s her calming, cottage style; her adorable dogs; or that fact that she lives on the Oregon coast that I love!
Maybe I just like to see inside people’s homes, which I do! I love to get decorating ideas!
So, see that cute floral piece on her mantel? Yea…I’m going to be recreating that come Winter!
And who wouldn’t love to cuddle up to this fireplace? That panel backboard above the fireplace could be a ‘honey do’ very soon!
Check out her blog. It’s very inspirational!

Fall Nights - Cozy Family Room - The Inspired Room


To snack on:
Yet, another Halloween candy snack mix…except this one is SUPER simple!
Throw the ingredients in the bowl and call it done!!!
I’m thinking the chocolate pretzel-coconut-almond-marshmallow one needs to ‘get in my belly’!

Halloween Snack Mixes


To take…daily:
So, it’s cold and flu season. No surprise there.
I’m taking this stuff daily in an effort to NOT get the horrible cold that I always get in the Fall.
The fall cold puts me down for a week and drives me insane!
When I’m sick, I realize how much I like and enjoy being busy (working out, getting outside, working, etc…). I’m a miserable human being.
So, this is the new daily routine.
The pharmacist recommended this and I’ve taken it before.
I know from personal experience that it can (1) prevent colds and (2) shorten the duration of colds if you get one.
It has huge amounts of vitamin C, Echinacea, elderberry, zinc, and lots of other key vitamins.
You can order it off of Amazon, Swanson Vitamins, or you probably can pick it up in your local grocery store or CVS or Walgreens.
Hey…this combined with washing my hands constantly (and the use of an occasional face mask-just kidding…maybe), should do the trick.


To wear:
Every lady needs a structured black blazer in her closet.
You can go from office to hot dinner date with one simple little piece of clothing.
I personally love a black blazer over a dress, with jeans, with a crisp white button shirt and a pencil skirt,pair it with a scarf, leggings and boots etc…heck, it’s even cute with shorts!
I just picked up one (brand Express) from TJ today! $24.99 WINNER!!!
Here are some examples of styling, but, seriously, just type in black blazer outfits in Pinterest. Tons of options!
light blue jeans - white tee - black blazer - black sandals - leopard clutchI have been wearing this outfit for years.  It will never go out of style. Jeans, boots, white shirt and navy blazer."Red and Black" Black blazer Black Jeans Red ballet flats Red leather purse Black and white stripes Red multi strand necklace  Red bracelet  Red earrings


To drink:
Have you tried Chai tea?
Maybe the one from Starbucks?
Well, I bought this at the local grocery the other day and it is fantastic, both hot and cold!
I went back for more this week and apparently everyone else thought it was good, too! GONE!
It says to mix with 1/2 tea and 1/2 milk but I found that to be a little too milk-y for my liking. So, I lessened the amount of milk (tried both 1/2 & 1/2 and almond milk-both tasty).
A seasonal, non-alcoholic favorite!
I know…what’s wrong with me? 🙂

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrate, 32 Fl Oz - http://teacoffeestore.com/oregon-chai-tea-latte-concentrate-32-fl-oz/

That’s it!
Happy weekend!

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Enjoy the journey, friends!

As normal, all my recommendations are my own opinions-I was not compensated by any company for any of the products listed. I simply love them all!


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