Wildcard Wednesday: I can’t believe I forgot to do that!

Let’s talk children….or not having children, which is my situation and I feel (or I know) is the situation of many of my friends/ followers.

Let’s get this out of the way first:
I’m pretty sure we ‘can’ and are ‘able’ to have children. However, we choose not to…at this point in our life.
That could change (not very likely) in the next 10 years or so.
I mean, I am only 38 and heck I’ve seen people on t.v. have children at age 50!
Wow! Brave, is all I have to say about that.
I will say, that since we’ve been married for 12 years (dating for 16 years) and got ‘comfortable’ with our little family (dogs) and lifestyle (aka, wine on the weekdays, tearing away at a moment’s notice to go on vacation , attending lots of parties, etc…all those things us DINK’s do….DINK’s=double income no kids-ha!),Ā  it would be a fast and hard change or adjustment to have children at this point in our life, and likely not planned. (but hey-we would figure it out and life’s about choices and decisions!)

So, so tempted to put this on one of our cars.



With all that said, a dear friend of mine (love her!), shared this funny and entertaining article with me and I thought it was blog worthy.

6 Things to avoid saying or doing in the presence of friends without kids

The article:
The article is centered around the single person or DINK couple socializing with friends that have children and how certain conversations may just need to be avoided.

It’s funny when you reflect.
When you get our age, and don’t have children, you don’t see a lot of those friends you use to have that now have children. Bummer.
We all know why…they are having play dates, soccer dates, and dance dates! Fun!

Today, our friends (with the exception of a few-you know who you are!) are either young and don’t have children (yet);their children are older or grown and gone; or are like us…and probably not having children!

Hey…I love our friends!

My thoughts (for what it’s worth):
Let’s dissect the article…better yet, let me add my 2 cents worth!

1-From the article: Using the words ‘we’ in situations where obviously ‘we’ aren’t doing anything. For example, “we are teething”, “we are pregnant”, and “we didn’t have
a nap today.”

My perspective: I agree with the author…it’s a comical phrase but can be awkward! However, I do think the tone or satire of the conversation can’t be interpreted unless
you witness the conversation. For example, the friend could be trying to come off as a complete smart-ass with such a comment as ‘we haven’t had a nap today.” Kind of like email..you can’t interpret the tone of the sentence.

2-From the article: Don’t post updates of your child’s potty training status on Facebook.
My perspective: I agree. I really don’t care and, if this happens, I might un-friend you…to which you would never know unless you try to message me. (Facebook hint)

3- From the article:Asking people when or if they are having kids.
My perspective:I agree. Don’t do it. Ever. You just don’t know the circumstances or situations.
You know…we’ve all heard or had those stories where you asked someone “when the baby is due” to learn they had the kid 2 months ago! FOOT IN MOUTH!!!! Whoops! You quickly counter with a ‘but, hey, you look great…I’m sure you will get back to your old self in no time’! (Yeah, that didn’t make things better)

4-From the article: I didn’t really understand what life was about until little (insert child’s name) was born.
My perspective: Agree! If you give me this comment (which none of my friends with kids ever have), I’m likely to have a come back like “well, my world was not complete
until I got my 2 Shih Tzu’s!”
Yep-Just call me crazy dog lady!!!!

This will be me someday. An old lady with a house of pugs, instead of the typical "cat lady." My children will definitely worry that I have lost my mind. Jon will probably move out. I will be a pug hoarder. ;)


Be sure to read the article in its entirety.
It’s meant to be comical (or silly) and the author is not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, people with children or without (in fact, she sort-of apologizes if she offends anyone).

postcard - illustrated woman - I can't believe it. I forgot to have children! - b40c2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

And, just so we don’t have any haters or negative comments on here…I promise to not to overload your Instagram or FB feed with puppy pictures, progress, house training, puppies first birthday party pictures (ok-Maybe not this one), etc… ! Maybe…then again, it is my blog! šŸ™‚

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever been caught in a conversation of the like and, if so, what did you do to escape?

Be sure to leave a comment here or a comment on the Facebook page!

If you don’t comment, then I can’t determine if you read the article; liked it; or hated it…and then I tend to think I’m talking to thin air!

Enjoy the journey!

Disclaimer: these are my personal opinions, experiences, and readings on subject matters- references to readings and websites are linked- I was not paid to promote a service or product, as my opinions are purely editorial related


5 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday: I can’t believe I forgot to do that!

  1. I too am a non breeder. At 40 I feel this is a decision that’s here to stay. Having said that I decided at a much younger age. When I was in my teens I would say ‘maybe in 10 years or so’, In my 20’s it was still the same story – ‘maybe in 10 years or so’. In my 30’s I decided that 10 years or so was starting to sound a bit weird, so changed it to – ‘I don’t think this parenting lark is for me!’. Most of my friends have mini me’s and I think that’s great – for them. Apparently on in 5 of us will get to 45 and be childless, so despite how it might feel sometimes, there are a lot of us out there.
    Here’s to having money and not having to go to the park!


    • I know. I did the whole in 10 years thing too. Sometimes I feel like we will regret not having kids and I wonder who will take care of us as we get older. I know we would be great parents but I see and hear so many people with kids that look and say they are totally stressed out and broke, partly there own fault for over scheduling and ensuring there kids have the best of everything.
      Oh well. I guess all that money saved will come in handy to hire care workers as we age….when we aren’t traveling in retirement. šŸ˜‰
      Thanks for responding!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used to think about the – ‘but what about when I’m old’ thing. I have friends who don’t speak to their parents, friends who don’t see their parents and friends that think they have a great relationship with their parents that basically boils down to a weekly phone call. Kids are rarely ‘there’ for their parents when they get old anyway – so have great friends, stay social and live for today x


      • Yep. I have some friends in the same kind of relationship with there parents. I can say with pride and love (and maybe luck) that neither my husband or myself are in relationships like this with our parents. But I realize everyone isn’t in the same boat and that things change


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