Wildcard Wednesday: Transformation

Let’s talk a little about exercise and transformation.
Actually, let’s talk about transformation right now and learn that it’s possible at any age, at any weight, and at any point during your life.
We all know how important it is to exercise, not only to maintain (or lose) a specific amount of weight but also for heart and overall body health.
With that said, I’m not necessarily talking just about exercise in the form of cardio.
First, let’s go back….

My earlier ‘self’:
All my life, I danced ballet, even in college.
Lots of cardio. I was in great shape and could pretty much eat whatever I wanted (burgers, fries, sweets, yeast rolls, etc… you name it).
Naturally, after you do something for 20+ years you eventually get bored; the body starts to change with age, and work, and real life post college; and you realize it’s no fun being in a ballet class with teenagers, when you are pushing 30, nor is it fun wearing a tu-tu with a few extra pounds attached-not pretty and not gonna happen.
So, I started doing cardio (ellipitcal and stair stepper to be exact).
For hours….boring…eventually picked up running…boring, even though I sucessfully completed several 5K’s, 10K’s, and half marathons.
Was I fast runner? No. More like a jogger (a ‘slogger’-a slow jogger).

I run like the wind... OK, more like a breeze right now... But, I STILL RUN!!!
Hey. No one ever said ballet dancers make good runners!
But, I did enjoy the sense of accomplishment with running…the fact of setting a goal and sticking to it and I lost some weight.
Not a lot, but enough to notice a change.
Then, I said “self-you really don’t love running…why the heck are you spending so much time doing it?”
Don’t get me wrong. I still run, but short-er distances. I may decide to run another race, as I do love a good challenge and I know that cardio is good for me.
But, I still desired more change in my body….

Change thy ‘self’:
So, after reading several blogs and following many facebook pages on exercise and the benefits of weight training, I decided to give weights a serious try.
It’s now 2 years later and I’ve seen a lot of change.
No, I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight.
However, everything I had has shifted and moved around, for the better, and it’s in different places and proportioned differently. (1lb of muscle is 3 times smaller than 1lb of fat-yes!)
Does that make sense? The fats moved and turned into muscle.
Where I use to weigh less and wear a size 10 in clothes (my heaviest), I now weigh more and can squeeze into some 6’s, although I’m normally an 8.
Do I still have work to do?
Yes. Remember, I’m working to arrive at ‘my own best self’, while enjoying the ride and journey…and it’s all a journey.
But, I feel good about what I’ve accomplished thus far in my weight training.

What’s my plan:
I now warm up with 10-15 minutes of cardio, then do 45 minutes of weights 4-5 days/ week, and try to throw in a couple (two or three 30-45 minute sessions) of either cardio running or spinning) or High Intensity Interval Training (or ‘HIIT’-this is where you do other types of exercise to get your heart rate up and body moving, mostly body weight  exercises like push ups, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc.. for a higher intensity but shorter period of time-here’s an example).
(note: HIIT is the new buzz word and I promise to come back to explaining this. In the meantime, google or pinterest it. There are tons of exercises. )
This plan works for me and makes me happy, most days.
I try to listen to my body and know that maybe I’m tired and need an extra rest day, or two, but I don’t push it…unless I’m sick. After 2 days, I get back at it. Otherwise, laziness sets in.
Will this plan work for you?
Maybe…or not. You have to find something you enjoy to do, do it, and do it with great intensity.
However, and here’s where I’m going with this….

The new way of thinking:
Give weights a chance!
Get off of that treadmill…or elliptical.
Sure, warm up your muscles, but then get into the gym and lift…and lift heavier than 5 lb dumbells (groceries weigh more than that).
Don’t worry.
You aren’t going to start looking like this.

Stock vector of 'Cartoon bodybuilder'



I promise. Ain’t gonna happen.

And, if you don’t believe me, or my story, or what I’m telling you, just click on the links below and see transformation story after transformation story…I’m not talking about Jenny Craig or WW stories….these women lost the inches and made huge transformations by clean eating, consistency, and working out with weights…it took months even years….many with 60+ pounds to lose, all in mid-life…many with kids, jobs, husbands, etc… (hey, they are like some of us!)




(btw-I encourage you to read all of these stories and subscribe to all of there newsletters or follow them on facebook- they are all personal trainers and frequently publish exercise plans, recipes, and motivational stories-they are truly inspiring)
Here’s what I’m asking of you…today..we will get to the nitty gritty of exercising later….

Make a plan
Get a plan
Meet with a trainer
Buy a dvd or app to follow an exercise program that includes weights
Start small
Write out your daily or weekly goals and plans-this always helps and then you can check off your weekly accomplishments

Because you know what all of these women had….
A goal
A dream to be healthy for there family…for their kids

They were all consistent with training and eating (20% of change is exercise with 80% happening in the kitchen by eating clean, not a DIEt….a lifestyle change).

Consistency is key.

You know what they didn’t have….excuses! They were consistent with exercising…every day…every week…they thought about eating right and what went into there mouth….

They stopped with the “but she’s young…”, or “she’s got more time than me”…or “it’s in her genes” excuses.

excuses excuses excuses

Honestly, that’s a load of crap that you tell yourself to make an excuse for yourself and why you aren’t trying (harder) to make the change.

Stop it. Now.


Sugar Bee Crafts: my word of the year, 2014 slew of change quotes

In the next weeks, we will talk about why and how weight training is important; why so much cardio is not that great for you; what kind of plans I use; examples of training plans; and why consistency in training is key.

For now, take my word for it and start the change. Be the change. You will be one step closer to your ‘best self.’

Isn’t that something you want for yourself? To be your best? We only have 1 chance…..

Don’t you want to be the best person you can be, for you and your family?


Do you lift weights? I know some of you do…dumbells,  kettleballs, crossfit, etc….

Why do you lift?


If not, what are you afraid of?

 Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week (January 7, 2014)



Let me know what you thought of this post. Be nice. Karma is a bitch.

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