Wildcard Wednesday: Orange is the new…

Not black.
Although, we started watching that series…and wow! Not recommended for children (or adult children)!
Actually, we stopped about 3/4 of the way through the series due to lack of interest.
I know! Wth? I think it was more like ‘too much shock factor’.

Anyway…today is the first day of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I bet you thought I was going to say Fall, right?

Well, yea, but for a while, it will be everything and all things pink!

With this in mind, I attempted to center my post this evening around breast cancer.
I wanted to find something different.
Something new and inspiring or hopeful about the disease.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find too much promising……which is kind of sad.

So, I dropped it and thought about going to another topic.

Then, I made this for dinner and absolutely had to share!

Sesame Chicken Fingers


simply recipes

I know. I’m rambling.

Sesame chicken fingers!
These are delicious!
I’ve actually grown to love this food blogger and website, just like so many others.
I love the fact that the recipes are 1) simple (probably where the website’s title come from-duh!) and 2) contain ingredients that I have at my house (usually).

From start to finish, this recipe took 1 hr, and that included cutting and roasting some carrots.

Here’s the breakdown of dinner-but be sure to see the website for specific instructions!
These would be a huge hit with kids and adult kids alike!


Clockwise from top:

1-Soak the chicken tenders in a buttermilk-soy sauce mix-I was only able to marinate for 25 minutes-longer would have been better

2-Toast up some breadcrumbs and sesame seeds-the recipe specifies panko breadcrumbs, which are great tasting-however, I didn’t have panko

3-Cook at 400 for 18 minutes-suprisingly, then were done at 18 minutes and tender delicious!

4-served along side some roasted carrots and a baked sweet potato, which I cooked on Sunday-btw, if you don’t serve coconut oil on your sweet potato you are missing out on all things delicious! Yes, the same coconut oil that you moisturize your body with and put on your hair (maybe 2 separate containers-one for the bathroom & one for the kitchen)-coconut oil is delicious, by the spoon, but equally as good in recipes and smoothies and it is soooooo healthy for you!

Then, while eating, I found this post about preventative Breast Cancer measures, and suprisingly, and it happened to tie in with my dinner….

Orange is the new


I did get back to the title of this blog.

Basically we should be swapping your pink ribbons for orange vegetables, like the carrots and sweet potatoes that I had for dinner!

The latest research shows that women who consume the most carotenoid-rich fruits
and vegetables reduce their risk for breast cancer by about 19 percent, according to Susan Levin, M.S., R.D.,
director of nutrition education for the Physicians Committee and author of Applying the Precautionary Principle
to Nutrition and Cancer guidelines, which was published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition.
Carotenoids are colorful pigments found in plants that provide an ample supply of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Oh my!
That’s reason enough for me to double, triple up 2-3 times per week!
That’s huge!!!!!

And it’s not just limited to orange…we need to eat green and red colored veggies, like spinach, kale, pumpkin (PUMPKIN!!! JUST IN TIME), etc…

I promise to get started on a pumpkin recipe, or two, this weekend and share some squash recipes next week!
Spaghetti squash if the first one up…..

In the meantime, clean those sweet potatoes (the smaller the sweeter); wrap in aluminum foil; and cook for 1 hr in a 375 oven (or until soft-remember they keep cooking once you take them out).

This is a good Sunday afternoon cooking project to have and eat on all week.
That’s a meal prep!
And, should you get tired of eating them all candied and roasted with coconut oil, mash them up and put them in some muffins!


Tell me: how do you like your sweet potatoes?

Have you tried and loved/ hated coconut oil?

Have you made any of the recipes I’ve posted thus far?

 Take care and enjoy the journey, friends!


Disclaimer: these are my personal opinions, experiences, and readings on subject matters- references to readings and websites are linked- I was not paid to promote a service or product, as my opinions are purely ediotrial related


Let me know what you thought of this post. Be nice. Karma is a bitch.

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