Weekly wine- down: All things fall

Friday! Friday!
Let’s pour a glass of our favorite vino, tip our hats to another great week gone by, and recap some of our favorite stories, blogs, recipes, tips, etc.. that I came across!
Join me!
We will call it ‘wine- down’, but in reality we will be ‘winding down’, (maybe with wine 🍷), in preparation for a fabulous, and hopefully relaxing, weekend, with a splash of afternoon naps!
That’s my idea of a perfect weekend!
Yep, I’m old!

All links have been provided,  for you to pin or bake or buy for later!

To eat or not to eat:
Yes, it’s fall and that means

Everything Pumpkin Is Upon Us! > Garden of Life's Blog > Home


 But it does not mean this

 The Fall Oreo Flavor Is Exactly What You Thought (Hoped?!) It Would Be



Sorry-That’s just gross! Go homemade on this one!

To wear and what not to wear:
Let’s start with the ‘not’, first!
Again, yes, it’s fall and could be potential sweater weather ( not here in the South). However, there’s never a reason to dress this way:

Here Kitty Kitty - Cats will like you even more with this sweatshirt on

That’s just wrong!
In fact, that’s taking your pets to a whole new level (don’t worry-I will never be in a shih-tzu sweater)!
Never, ever wear this…even for my crazy cat friends (you know who you are!)!

Instead, look at this awesome scarf tying video. 25 ways to tie a scarf! Definitely a pin for later!



This looks super cute and easy. I wonder if spray paint would work ( because I’m a cut corners kind of girl!):

Customize orchard baskets with Vintage Decor! Such a great idea. #DIY #Customized #ForTheHome



To bake:
I must have a party/ get together, ASAP, to make this fabulous looking cake, that appears to be easy to make (could be a pinterest fail for me-I will let you know):

Candy Corn Cake


Is that not the prettiest and best looking cake ever!?!?!?!?


To try:
I love this hair twist. I see this happening…. On a Wednesday (of course-see previous blog)…. In my very near future

The Three-Step French Twist


To buy:
Loafers are hot for the fall! Leopard loafers…. Even hotter!

Leopard Loafers



Update…..Got some. At target. $30. Love it!!!! And they even have cute tassels! (I couldn’t find them on there website to provide a link-but they had them in store)


That’s all I got for this week!


Have a good weekend all!
Have a glass of wine (or champagne!) for me!


Hudson Valley Royale: (Kir Royale made with local products!) Start with  1/4 to 1/2 oz. Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery's Black Currant Cordial in the bottom of a champagne  flute, slowly pour Brotherhood Blanc de Blancs into the flute, holding glass at an angle, a beautiful cocktail to look at and it tastes delicious!


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