Spice it up Friday

We made it through another week!
We’ve got super fun plans this weekend but first…

I broke down yesterday.
I went ahead and bit the bullet.
I couldn’t resist.
You know where I’m going with this…
I did it:

Pumpkin Spice Latte...made this at least 5 times last fall.  Finally made it up and stored it in a milk jug so I could warm up a cup whenever...have made it at work in a crockpot and it disappears fast.


Well, not Starbucks exactly, and before you say, ” you can’t do that? It’s not even cool weather yet!”
Well, I say heck yes we can!
Hey, it’s cool somewhere! (that’s cousin to “it’s five o’clock somewhere” 🙂  )
Too, if I wait for cool weather to arrive here, it will be time for eggnog and peppermint drinks! ( love those too)
And hey, it’s not like I broke out the boots and sweaters…..yet….. ( ok, maybe a light weight scarf).

The issue:
While I love the spicey, pricey drink from Starbucks (occasionally), I do realize it’s not the healthiest of drinks, no matter how you make it (skinny, non-fat, no whip, no sugar, etc…).
With that in mind, did anyone catch this article on Facebook or the news over the last few weeks?

Starbuck's 'pumpkin spice lattees'



Yeah, she/ it is out of control!
Apparently someone ( I’m not sure who), thought these drinks were filled with actual real, healthy ingredients, like pumpkin and spices or maybe that ‘someone’ just needed someone to remind them of all the crap loaded in the drinks.
Come on! We are talking about Starbucks here.
Do they care about natural real ingredients or our health?
Not likely.
They care about profit.
But, apparently FoodBabe has a movement going on and Starbucks is ‘supposedly’ listening.
Not matter the movement or ingredients, it won’t stop me from having one or two this season.
But today, and only because I’m ‘sometimes’ cheap; maybe too lazy to drive; or just like the challenge of perfecting my own fall drink, I decided to make my own.
Of course, making it at home allows me to control the amount of fat and artificial or natural ingredients that I add or don’t add. Plus, I already had all the ingredients on hand, so no money spent!

The recipe:
There are tons of clean eating, healthy, or natural pumpkin spice drinks floating around Pinterest this time of year.
I found that they mostly contain the same ingredients, give or take.
Mine included the following simple ingredients and process:


It’s that simple. 5 minutes.

  1. I added some hot coffee, half and half (more cream= more froth), sugar (as much or little as you want), pumpkin spices, and vanilla
  2. I added 1 tablespoon of pumpkin (here’s a handy dandy tip: I have a problem using up a can of pumpkin-so, I freeze any I don’t use in a ziploc or sometimes in an ice cube tray then into a ziploc bag-this makes for easy use next time and allows me to take out what I need-Genius!)
  3. Blend all together in my nutri-bullet (or blender)
  4. Pour in a coffee mug, adding more pumpkin spices to the top (I admit that I threw it back into the micro for 30 seconds to warm it back up)

It was delicious!
Absolute perfection!
It even had a nice froth to it, minus the whip! (which you can add-I just didn’t have any and was, like I said, too lazy to make)
Here’s the real recipe that I followed.
She has a recipe for the original latte, a skinny latte, and an iced latte!
I hope to try out the iced one this weekend and I’m sure there will be other pumpkin recipes shared on this blog before the season is over (you can thank me later for that later 🙂 )!

Give it a try!
Let me know how it turns out and what you think!

Take care and enjoy the journey, friends!



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