Wildcard Wednesday: I think I’m broken

I’ve always been into exercise.
Heck, I spent probably 1/3 of my childhood in a dance studio.
I can only recall 2 injuries during this time, neither of which were caused by dancing (twisted my ankle stepping off the school bus, cause, you know that’s not something you do everyday…and pulled a hamstring muscle playing tennis).
However, and as we all know, injuries, or shall we say ‘aches and pains’, become more common as you become older.
You don’t have to necessarily be doing anything strenuous for this to happen either:

  • sleeping wrong
  • turning to look over your shoulder (while in the car-been there, done that)
  • getting up off the floor while playing with the dogs/ children

You catch my drift.
But, sometimes, you do stupid things…things you know you shouldn’t do, without a proper warm up…but you are just going to try it out, this one time….
Enter my injury 2 weeks ago…

The scene:
I’m on the floor practicing a new yoga move.
Kind of like this….

Flip upside down and do inversions! Yoga cure for upset stomach, constipation, bloating, or gas  Why? It releases tight hip flexor muscles, which can constrict the digestive organs. Calms the nervous system and relieves stress. :)


Not really. More like this.



When, instead of thinking I should call the ‘vet’, I thought I needed to call somebody to get me off the floor….seriously!
I heard a pop. In my lower back? I froze. Upside down. I didn’t move. What did I hear?
I slowly move my legs.
Ok, at least I can move.
Let’s try to get out of this position. Slowly.
Fortunately, I was able to move and had recently learned that, if in such a similar aching situation, you aren’t suppose to remain still, or not move the hurting area, like we’ve always been told to do.
Instead, and ONLY IF YOU ARE ABLE, you need to stretch the muscle you pulled…slowly.

The problem:
I was doing yoga without stretching first.
How dumb!
In my 1 hour yoga class that I attend every week, we seriously spend 45 minutes stretching before moving to more intermediate moves (not this move- it’s considered advanced).
So, after I established that it’s not yoga’s fault…I still can’t stand up straight to walk.
What the heck do I do now?

The situation:
I was fairly certain that it was a pulled muscle, just from the pain level and the fact that the more I moved/ stretched, the better it felt (sitting still killed me as did the heating pad-not recommended).
With that said, I knew a traditional Dr. would not be able to help me, likely prescribing a steroid to relieve the pain, but not solving the problem.
So, I grabbed my cell phone (of course!) and called my friend the Chiropractor.

Let’s go back:

I haven’t always been a believer of the Chiro. In fact, I use to call them quacks! Heck, anyone maneuvering bones, joints, etc.. in such a way to make all that popping noise, just can’t be right!


Chiropractic Humor  #dallas #georgia #chiropractor


However, and around 2 years ago, I had a knee injury from 1/2 marathon training that sent me to a ‘gentle practice’ Chiropractor.
Several visits later, along with a massage or two, and I had 100% recovery from the injury and was still able to run my first 1/2 marathon!

I was sold!

The resolution:

The Chiro first ensured I had proper alignment (which I am always out of whack a result of too much sitting on my ASS at work looking at the computer, poor posture, and the jolting/ pounding of cardio, running, weight training,etc…).

NOTE TO SELF: Schedule regular bi-monthly Chiro appointments to prevent such yoga and other injuries. 🙂

Then, she began to deeply massage my injured muscle. For like 10 minutes.


Then, I stood up. Straight. No pain! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously could not believe it!

The moral of the story:

  1. Once you injure the muscle, stretch it out, IF POSSIBLE AND IF IT DOESN’T CAUSE EXTRA PAIN-that old tale of ‘don’t move’ is garbage-then, get to the Chiro immediatley-the sooner, the better (that’s why mine was resolved so quickly)
  2. Don’t be afraid of the quack Doctor (and don’t call them that!) –here’s a great article of the benefits of regular Chiro visits and it can answer all your Chiro questions, like “what’s that popping sound?”-we all, no matter what job (sitting, standing, etc..), get out of alignment from time to time, causing undue pain-remember: you aren’t suppose to feel like crap-it’s not normal to ache all the time
  3. For your first Chiro visit, find a ‘gentle practice’ Doctor-they use tables to adjust you instead of hands-it can be just as effective, and lessens the fear of the Chiro
  4. Some insurance plans cover regular (12/ year) Chiro visits-otherwise, it could be really cheap to see the Chiro (like $20/ visit)-remember: there’s no price on your health
  5. ALWAYS stretch before doing any kind of exercise, especially moves you’ve never tried before 🙂

Holiday eating recovery tips... or rather "How to feel amazing all the time."


Your turn:

Did you have doubts about the Chiropractor, at first, but realized that they can be lifesavers?

Tell me about it. Share your experience, both positive and negative.

Disclaimer: these are my personal opinions, experiences, and readings on subject matters- references to readings and websites are linked- I was not paid to promote a service or product, as my opinions are purely ediotrial related


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