Meaningful Mondays: Keen-wah who????

No. It’s not the newest Dr. Seuss book or character.
Have you heard of it?
It’s the newest food craze to hit the grocery store aisles!
I’m talking quinoa.
First, up, how the heck do you pronounce it….and correctly?
It’s pronounced ‘keen-wah.’
Try it out…you have to really move your mouth to pronounce it but your friends will be so impressed!
For the remainder of this article, I will purposely misspell quinoa as ‘keen wah’, to help you get comfortable in pronouncing it correctly.


There goes Quinoa then...


No, no, no….and no!
Don’t you remember your parents teaching you to try new things, just once, to see if you like it?
Trust me on this one…you will love it!
Second, what is ‘keen wah’?
This article explains that ‘keen wah’ is actually a seed but eaten as grain, grown mostly in Peru and Bolivia. It’s a favorite for being gluten free (if that’s a concern) and has exceptional amino acids and the highest content of protein of any grain (to help you feel full longer, aides in digestion, builds muscle which in turn helps you burn more calories, and it can facilitate in fat loss) !
Too, and it should come as no surprise, that keen-wah packs one heck of a fiber punch!
We all know what fiber does and can do for you digestion-wise. But did you know that fiber also lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar, and it aides in achieving a healthy weight?

Anyway, remember when I said on Facebook to give the ‘Meatless Monday’ trend a try?
Well, this is a super way to get in huge amounts of protein without eating meat!
Eat more keen wah!

I personally believe it’s important to eat organic (grown without pesticides, harsh chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, etc…) keen-wah.
Here’s my reasoning: why would you attempt to eat healthy to only learn that it was treated, farmed, etc.. with pesticides and fertilizers? It kind of defeats the whole purpose of eating healthy, in my opinion.
However, eating and purchasing organic foods is a personal preference…one that you need to decide on your own. Don’t let me sway your decision!



Keen-wah is not as cheap as rice (and organic can be pricey) but it packs so much more of a punch than plain, boring white rice, even more than its brown cousin.
Besides the health benefits of quinoa, it is a super quick item to prepare, in much less time than rice (15 minutes).
I sometimes make a pot of it on Sunday evening and use it for different salads and sides all week.
Listed at the bottom are some of my favorite keen-wah recipes.

So, the meaning, or purpose, of this week is to give quinoa (keen-wah), or one of recipes below, a try, a chance, and let me know what you think! 

Step outside your box or comfort zone.

I really don’t think you will be disappointed.
However, if you dont’ like it, then at least you can say ‘ you tried something different.’
Remember, life is about new experiences.
How To Cook Quinoa (Pronounced keen-wah)  easy step by step direcyions with photos

Creamy parmesan garlic quinoa from Iowa Girl Eats (my Man’s favorite quinoa side)

Mini pizza quinoa bites from Iowa Girl Eats

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad from Skinnytaste



BTW-If you are a pinterest recipe pinner, like myself, check out Iowa Girl Eats and Skinnytast food blogger boards and Facebook page-they have great recipes-these 2 are probably my favorite, for healthy and non healthy recipes


Disclaimer: these are my personal opinions and readings on subject matters- references to readings and websites are linked-  I was not paid to promote a product, as my opinions are purely ediotrial related



Let me know what you thought of this post. Be nice. Karma is a bitch.

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