Finally, after 25 years!

Interesting title, huh?
I’ll get to the point of the title later.
Too, I was going to save this article for later in my blog history but I saw the urge to go ahead and tell my story. It could be long so I will probably publish it in 2 blogs.
But, first 2 disclaimers:

  1. I am not a Dr. and don’t even pretend to be one (on tv)-take my word for what you want, something or nothing-I’m simply here to provide you personal experiences and references, remember? You might can use this information now or later in your life (maybe not)
  2. I don’t hate or even dislike the traditional Medicine and pharmaceutical community-I believe 100% that their is a time and place for traditional medicine (depression, heart problems, etc.)-however, I don’t always agree with every thing or way a Dr. treats a patient or rather why a patient goes to a Dr. and doesn’t ask questions, have concerns, etc.. about what the Dr. prescribes-but, then, like I’ve said before, “no one is as concerned about your health as you are”-be your own advocate, do your own research, and come to Dr. appointments with questions-they won’t like it, but who cares? Dr.’s aren’t god (even though they think they are)

Recently, on my personal facebook page, I shared an article ( about hormones.
The author is Suzanne Somers, who is no stranger to her problems with hormones, her research/ work on the subject, and her results with synthetic and biodentical hormones. She even wrote a couple of books about it. I saw her story on Oprah many years ago and it hit home with me.
Chrissy Snow aka Suzanne Somers (oops! that was her Three’s Company name-ha!) goes on to speak of familiar terms and phrases in this article about ‘losing me’, ‘unhappy’, ‘crying a lot’, ‘miserable’ and ‘maybe the good times in my life were over.’
Honestly, I can’t relate to some of these phrases, because I never had ‘good times’ when it came to my monthly visit by Aunt Flow. During the course of a month, I would approximately 20 ‘good’ days. The other 11 were spent either pre, during, or post Aunt Flow.

The Aunt Flow Gang,, lol

 Never. In. All.My.Life!
That’s quite depressing huh? 25+ years? (Yes-I got my first Aunt Flow visit on day 2 of Middle School, 6th grade-wow! how fun that was?!?!?!?).
Anyway, my monthly has been horrible since day 1. I recall lying on the floor in complete pain during my high school years; cancelling plans because of such pain; wearing a pad and a tampon to ‘keep things under control’ when I had to long hours in tights and leotards; and (later in life) missing days of work because of menstrual pain (which wasn’t too long ago).
So, on one annual visit I told my ‘traditional Dr/ gynocologist’ of this pain. Since I had been on a variety of birth control pills for years (different blog!) to which obviously hadn’t helped, he suggested I undergo a procedure called Laperscopy to determine if I had endometriosis, which he suspected.

I refer to mine as a little gnome who is trapped inside me. He has a knife and tries to stab his way out.

Yeah, absolutely!
Sure enough, endometriosis. Everywhere. Finally, I had an explanation.
So, the Gyno did his procedures of basically “cleaning me up/ out” and off I went (with some horrible follow up medicine that’s suppose to slow the re-growth of endo-the medicine ultimately is to treat cancer-that should explain the potency of it-needless to say, I didn’t finish that round of pills).
Oh yeah…not before he told me, “remember, your clock is ticking!” Yea, love him! I think that was one of last visits with him! 🙂


Tick, Tick. There Goes Your Biological Clock Ladies! | LoseIT Tea -

F— you clock!!!

For you non-medical term peeps, like myself, here’s the Mayo clinic definition of endometriosis:

Endometriosis (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis) is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus (endometrial implant). Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, bowel or the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond your pelvic region.

So, for a little while (2 years), my pain was minimal (not gone).
Then, gradually, it started to come back, although NEVER as bad as it was pre-laperscopy (thank goodness)!
About this time, I just started feeling like crap. Pure poop.
In the meantime, my mom was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, to which (shocker) she was prescribed a synthetic thyroid medicine (which causes breast cancer, I think-I won’t go into that here-google it). She hated the thought of taking this drug and furthermore  wasn’t feeling any better.
So, she found a great bioidentical doctor, that works with women and hormones, that she wanted to give a try.
5+ years later, and might I say a fine 62 year old (still in a bikini), she still makes an annual trip, 300 miles away, to see this Doctor (which we call Dr. Feelgood) to have annual blood work and get her hormone levels re-evaluated. Naturally, none of this is covered by insurance and must be paid out of pocket…deep pockets.
While this was going on, I began my mission to finding a similar local doctor.
I didn’t take the endocrinologist route, which I had already heard pretty much followed the same rules as Gynocologists (not to say they are all this way-just the one I heard of was).
So, I went to a natural doctor, one recommended to me by a compounding pharmacist.
This Doctor (message me for personal references) performed saliva testing to which he said I had adrenal fatigue, low thyroid levels (which adrenal and thyroid go hand in hand), and ‘wonky’ hormone levels, aka estrogen dominant.
Well, I know I have a dominant nature (joking), but this was the first I had heard of this term: estrogen dominant.
Estrogen Dominance (aka – My Hormones Make Me Crazy)

That about sums it up.
Dr. Christine Northup, a pioneer in women’s health, defines it as: too much estrogen relative to progesterone ( (Btw-She has an awesome website and great books on estrogen dominance/ hormones/ women’s health was by her.They are awesome and I highly recommend them).
This new doctor prescribed me DHEA for my fatigue ; recommended an over-the-counter thryoid vitamin; and a natural progesterone (which has to come from a special compounding pharmacy) topical cream that I was to apply every evening before bed.
Two months later and it was helping tremendously! Unbelievable!
But, still, I had pain that I just kept thinking it shouldn’t be this way…it doesn’t have to be this way. Every thing I read said it shouldn’t be this bad. I talked with friends that admitted to having a visit from Flow monthly almost unnoticed. Unannounced.
I was jealous to the point of crying.
Every year I went back to have my levels re-evaluated; he would assess; and adjust my potency…and repeat…I would get better and slowly as the year went on…it would get worse. But, it was tolerable…managable.
I’m talking, in my 30’s, wanting to kill or scream at everyone in my path….crying for no reason….bent over double in the kitchen with cramps…missing days of work with cramps…bad, bad, bad!
Then, we moved to the Island and I had to find a different doctor, and I did. A much better doctor!

Sound familiar? Just a little bit familiar, maybe (hopefully)not to the extent of my pain? Just glad you have someone that understands/ sympathizes what you are going through?  Or if you just want t0 read what happens next….

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow…
Stay tuned.
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Be sure to comment below, of your experiences and successes, or questions, about this topic-that’s the only way we can and will all learn…is from each other!


Here are some great links:

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Disclaimer: these are my personal findings and readings on subject matters- references to readings and websites are linked- other than the references these are my opinions- I was not paid to promote a product, as my opinions are purely ediotrial related-take this information as something to think about, look into, or do nothing








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