Welcome to my blog.
Yes, I had a short lived, rather boring, blog before. Cute name, boring content.  It was more centered on my experiences in running, and, honestly, I only had so much to say about running.
This one will be better.
A better blog. A better me…hey, ‘my own best self!’
So, what does that title mean and what will I do or say here on this blog?
My own best self:  improving me; evolving me; ever changing me; ever learning me; ever trying me.
Like the title says, ‘life’s a journey-not a race.’
That’s so true, isn’t it?
A journey. That’s what this blog will be and I want you to come along with me! I want to share my experiences and knowledge (mostly learned through trial and error) with you!
It could include content, articles, links, questions, reviews, answers, etc.. on any and all of the following:

recipes (those tried and true, and those not tried or true-not created-I don’t have the thinking power to create recipes)
family (of course there will be pup pictures)
sex (maybe? Not sure about that one yet)
weight (and weight loss)

Well, that’s just about everything, right?
Wrong! Here are 2 DEFINITE things I will not be discussing on this page: religion and politics. Because……

no time for that
This blog is meant to be fun, and sometimes funny, but also where I can maybe make you think, learn, or try something.
All things I post or write about won’t interest you. I realize that. But, maybe it will interest just one person and that person feels inclined to share this ‘life changing’ knowledge.
You know, an ‘aha!’ moment that you have to tell the world about!!!!!
It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions you have about things you’ve wanted to try. I will research it (pinterest and goolge-my favs!) and give you the results.
The thing is, I come into contact with a lot of information on a daily basis from reading a LOT of blogs, articles, web pages, etc.. on many of the topics listed above.
Every now and then, I read, think, learn, or do something that I want to share. Something that I feel, you, as friends, should know about.
Ok-that’s enough of an explanation, right?
Ohh…and I can’t tell you how many times per day/week/ month I will post. It could be random one week, every day the next. Basically, it’s just when the urge hits me or when I come across something that I want to share.
And, also, for you English or grammer crazies…let it go! I will attempt to keep my mispelled words to a minimum but I’m not promising on the grammer (note: see ‘ain’t’ above). I just choose to keep it simple. Sorry if that bothers you. I get it. I’m OCD on other things!
So, thanks for joining me in this journey we call life…remember, it’s not a race!


Enjoy the ride


PS-Be sure to check out my ‘about’ page. It provides insight into my personality and life, if you don’t already know. If you know me pretty well already, you will most likely laugh at the page and probably comment “Yep-That’s you!”


Let me know what you thought of this post. Be nice. Karma is a bitch.

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